Wi-Fi / Wireless LAN / WAN

Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)

The reliability and security of a WLAN without the complexity of internal management

If your company has a mobile workforce, having a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) promises agility and inspires productivity. It’s a way for employees to work remotely while maintaining a secure network connection to your company, even when travelling.

What are the advantages to TLC Solutions’ Managed Wireless LAN service?

  • You can have network specific to your needs with our free network evaluation. This includes assessment findings, costs and an implementation proposal.
  • We’re a registered Cisco Partner, which guarantees that your WLAN will use the most current wireless equipment.
  • We’ll free up your IT staff resources from monitoring and managing your WLAN.
  • Security for your employee’s own devices.
  • With more people working on the go, there is an increased security threat thanks to unsecured personal phones, tablets and laptops. With TLC Solutions managing your WLAN, you can enjoy better productivity without the danger posed by hackers.


Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN)

Costly in-house IT server and network management can be a thing of the past with a Managed Wireless WAN service from TLC Solutions

A TLC Solutions WWAN service can link all of your business locations together through a wide area data network and connect them to the internet. It’s a scalable answer to your needs, as it allows us to work with your in-house IT staff to develop a network design plan specific to your business. It also means big savings, as you don’t have to purchase or update your equipment or infrastructure.

What are the advantages of a WWAN?

  • Scalability. We give you the flexibility to scale up or down as your business needs require.
  • Cost reduction. Share resources across sites without having to invest in completely new systems and services.
  • An all-Canadian Network. All data is kept in Canada, making sure that your business complies with industry and government regulated standards for data privacy