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Managed services is the practice of outsourcing relatively minor day-to-day IT management and computer network technical support. This a proven cost-effective method for improving business operations, instead of a full-time IT staff for small to mid-size businesses or for on-premise IT managers to focus on IT strategies for large companies.

So why should you care for managed services and why do you need it?

This program has been built with small and mid-size businesses in mind and is also ideal for companies who:

Need a highly available computer network for email, database, internet access that will run 24/7 without problems

Almost all daily business operations nowadays rely on backend systems that are hosted in a network server, and the high availability of which is crucial to maintain operations. After all, IT downtime costs too much to be ignored.

Value data security and want a prevention plan against, loss, corruption, or theft

Backing up data and having multiple redundancy is a great way to prevent data loss. But securing it and having a whole plan for recovery are totally different and highly important things that need to be checked. Ransomware is real and prevalent among companies, big or small, as data is crucial to any business.

Want maximized network performance, speed, and availability

As offices are no longer limited to the physical workplace with the birth of smartphones and other mobile devices, ensuring you always have a maximized use of your network is important. This is especially the case for business with staff who enjoy the benefits of working from home by logging in through virtual desktops or VDI.

Want the complexities of infrastructure and computer network operation be dealt by experts

The server is a complex infrastructure connecting a network of computers together. If you think about it that way, you’d make sure that it is dealt with by hands that know their ins and outs, and could tell you of different solutions for your needs.

Don’t have the time or staff to deal with computer network maintenance

Technology is changing ever so quickly. That is a fact that no one can deny. Upgrade and security patches and updates are regularly deployed by software and hardware companies. These need to be immediately installed or risk performance loss or worse, security breaches. And a rollback plan will need to be in place before anything is changed. Server rooms need to be maintained and require optimal temperatures for maximized performance. This is why remote network monitoring has been designed by managed services companies, to take the trouble out of your hands with regards to network maintenance.



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