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Keeping the critical equipment of your business under warranty is crucial. This means your server hardware warranty must be up to date if your business mostly relies on them. There really is no concrete answer to the question of how long the life expectancy of your server is. It all depends on the applications you are running and more so on the specialized ones and how important these are to your business operations.

Email is typically one of the most critical application housed in the company server, especially to small and mid-size businesses. Server hardware usually comes with three years of warranty, yet most businesses buy it with the intent of using it for five years or more, and yet again, are very reluctant to get the extended warranty to cover those extra years. They’ll say that getting warranty for an older piece of hardware isn’t worth it. If that’s the reasoning, why then squeeze two more years out of our server when you know that it would be considered old by then? Chances are high that the cost of a newer server hardware by that time would be much more than what you originally paid for, and that the little extra cost to pay the extended warranty would’ve covered any damage incurred. Truly, this is a much better scenario than paying much more for a new one.

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The reality of the situation is that, as much years you can squeeze out of your server, they still contain moving parts that may get rusty over time and use. The failure rate for these parts (disk drives and fans) increase significantly as the server gets older. And what makes it worse is the cost of downtime or degraded performance, which unfortunately, businesses often overlook and underestimate.

One benefit of always having warranty is next day hardware replacement, which comes really handy when your server running critical applications is down. And consider this, when you even have 24/7 support with your warranty, the time it takes to get your part is only as long as its shipping time, and your server’s back to working functionality. Without the server warranty, it could take as long as 3 days to a week to get to you, and yes, that’s as much time as your server is down.

Server hardware warranty is therefore a relatively inexpensive insurance policy in the event of an outage and compared to the cost of a new one. There is just no argument that could win over the cost of warranty on such a critical equipment to a business against the potential cost of lost productivity should it be down for a few days.


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