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For small to mid-size business companies, chances are they “have a guy” manage their IT operations. Because of their size, they think that there is no need to engage with a managed IT services provider for their IT infrastructure. “We won’t need half of the stuff that the package includes, anyway,” is a common reason.

If you’re a company whose goal is to grow bigger, then thinking in this small scale (even “just” for your IT needs) is contradictory to your goals. The focus of managed IT services providers is to keep your IT infrastructure always available, highly operational, tightly secured, and all the while providing scalable options so you can grow your business without fear of your network reaching overcapacity.

Always Available

We all know network downtime can cost as much as $5,600 per minute, making it one of the major operational budget eaters. With this much at stake, isn’t it only natural to make server and network availability a top priority for companies?

Remote offices and workers have also been a growing trend especially for small startup companies. With this operational setting, it then becomes even more detrimental to have the system up and running at all times, whenever and wherever employees want to work.

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Highly Operational

It is one thing to have the network always available, and it is another to have all your IT elements highly operational. From the infrastructure, servers, backups, hardware, to software – they all need to be properly managed in order to keep them up to speed at all times. Hardware needs to be maintained, software needs to be constantly updated, IT operational plans need to align to today’s needs and an IT strategy plan needs to be aligned with your growth and goals in the future.

Tightly Secured

On top of the network availability and highly operational objectives, information security must not be found lacking. Cyber attacks are constantly evolving and shifting. Hacks, phishing, ransomware, identity theft are always waiting to find the vulnerability in IT networks to deploy their highly damaging attacks. Managed IT services companies continuously update their network protection plans to avoid opening up any vulnerability for attacks.

Scalable Options

As mentioned above, IT strategy needs to plan for future growth. A company looking and expecting to grow should therefore see the bigger picture and plan ahead for the future. It is therefore a best practice to include server and technological growth to keep their efficiencies aligned with the goals.

All these will be challenging for just one guy to handle. These four important IT elements are what need to be constantly focused on to contribute to business success and growth. These tasks require different knowledge base and skillsets and require the effort a whole department. How can one guy achieve all these?Of course this post is not to discredit or offend all of the IT guys out there who provide support and service to smaller companies. They are still some of the most highly-trained and excellent professionals who know what they are doing and can provide the support their clients need.

However, if your company just uses a guy for break/fix scenarios, you may be well in the road of costing your business much more than necessary in the long run and also discrediting the skillsets and potentials of your IT guy, who could do more than that given the chance.

Managed IT services is therefore a much more proactive approach to finally ceasing all of your IT woes, and an intelligent way of managing network, backup, IT security, and other IT functions. All these it does all the while increasing the efficiencies of businesses by maximizing the use of their technologies.

The objective is to prevent anything form breaking through a remote monitoring system that keeps track of network spiked, server status, security threats to keep systems optimal performance. This means anything amiss is identified and resolved before it could do any harm.

And there will be something amiss (even if it hasn’t happened yet), this is non-negotiable. Better not risk it until it’s too late.



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