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Contemplating between staff augmentation or managed services?

Staff augmentation is the process of hiring a temporary employee for a particular task for a specific duration. This employee can fully integrate into your internal employees.

Managed IT services involve contracting a third party like TLC Solutions to provide IT support services. A Managed Service Provider offers IT support such as network monitoring, repairs, maintenance services, backup and security solutions, hardware/software procurement, and expert advice on technology. But, the services offered depend on the agreed services package. Managed IT services help a business function smoothly without employing a 24/7 internal IT team.


What are the Pros and Cons of staff augmentation?

The decision to either use staff augmentation or managed IT services may vary from one business to another based on their scope of work and unique needs.

Some of the pros may include:


Extra support for a definite task:

When you have a particular job that needs to be done but doesn’t have an expert or the funds to perform the tasks, staff augmentation can be a better option for that extra professional support.



Staff augmentation is a short-term approach because you can release the staff after completing the tasks. It will cost you less than having a dedicated IT team.


It’s project-based:

When you have a short-term project and need additional support, staff augmentation can significantly save you from the hiring hassles and the costs that come with it. After the project is done, you can release the staff until such a time when a new project comes up.


Some of the cons are:


Offers restricted support: 

Staff augmentation is limited in that the staff can only perform the assigned task and can’t provide any assistance or support for other IT projects or assignments.


In conclusion, staff augmentation works best for businesses with limited resources or budgets and has short-term projects or tasks that need to be completed. Staff augmentation is beneficial in offering a low-cost means to perform jobs competently.


What about Managed IT Services? 


Some of the pros of managed IT services are:


24/7 IT support:

A managed support provider will offer round-the-clock support and monitor the systems remotely to detect and resolve any technical problems proactively.


Expert managed services: 

Managed IT services manage your entire IT infrastructure through professional expertise, including cyber security strategies, backup services, network management, among others. In addition, they offer expert advice and guidance on hardware, software, and the latest technology.



Managed IT service providers are fully aware of the laid down rules and regulations and will ensure that you are compliant all the time. 


Managed IT services cons include:


High costs:

Round-the-clock managed services are more costly than staff augmentation, requiring only temporary staff or a team. If you need comprehensive IT support, contracting an MSP is cheaper than hiring a full-time internal IT department.


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