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Managed IT refers to outsourced IT service providers to manage and oversee a business or company’s IT solutions. This means that as a business or company owner, you will receive extensive all-around services, including hardware and software support, without incurring the huge costs of having a full-time, in-house IT team.

Managed IT solutions assists in the improvement of business operations and reduces labor and administration costs compared to an in-house IT team and a huge data center.

Managed IT solutions offer 24/7 IT infrastructure monitoring without needing to hire an in-house team. In addition, managed IT service providers take charge of the entire network and data security under strict systems and procedures.

The entire responsibility of managing your IT systems and infrastructure is handled by managed IT solutions providers. Services included in managed IT solutions may include the following:

• Managed Help Desk

Businesses with access to help desk resources have the required support in case of any question or when things fail to work as expected. Prompt and expert support lets your business increase the workers’ productivity.

• Security management

Managed IT solutions providers must ensure system data compliance and security across all operations, such as network security, endpoint security, and cloud security. The services may include managed cyber-security, access and identity management, and cloud applications.

• Asset management

This involves tracking equipment, ensuring that you have access to updated data on the age, conditions, fitted applications, user particulars, and the different locations of all devices.

• Proactive support

Consistent assessment of your company’s hardware is very effective. This allows us to forecast the systems that need replacement before they become non-functional and result in costly downtime.
All network vulnerabilities are monitored regularly, ensuring that they are fixed to prevent any attack or hacking from cybercriminals. These procedures will help in the early detection of faulty or weak security and prevent an imminent disaster.

• Security and Compliance

Digital data has tremendously increased in the present tech world, and the demand for up-to-date data security has risen immensely.
Managed IT solutions providers offer services that will assist in keeping your business or company’s data secure and minimize hacking, data theft, and ransomware risks. These providers also take charge of ensuring that you understand compliance with the current regulations.

• Network and Infrastructure

Presently, there is an increased data reliance on IT software and hardware in almost every business premise. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that your company’s network is strong enough to handle the needs.

Managed IT solutions companies assist in taking care of your entire system’s network to ensure that your uptime is maximized. The providers ensure that you have a solid and efficient infrastructure in place for effective business operations.

• Disaster Recovery

Loss of your business’s crucial data can have a devastating impact on day-to-day operations. If an unexpected disaster strikes, such as a virus attack, server loss, or business premises destruction, your greatest need is to get your system up and running within the shortest time possible.

Managed IT solutions will ensure continuous business operations by helping during disaster recovery and keeping the downtime as low as possible.

• Cloud Services

With cloud services, you will notice a reduction in hardware acquisition and maintenance costs and data security from loss. Established managed IT solutions providers offer SaaS and IaaS solutions, allowing you to access your data through the cloud. You will reduce the software and hardware installation and maintenance costs, storage/space costs, and energy consumption.

• Remote Support services

If you encounter technology challenges or system complexities, you have easy access that allows you to promptly get in touch with your managed IT services provider for a speedy solution.

Having remote support is very significant because your team can contact your managed IT services provider as soon as a challenge shows up. This permits the service providers to fix the problem within the shortest time possible.

Managed IT Solutions at TLC Solutions

If you’re looking to do away with annoying IT interruptions and downtime from your business’s daily operations, you’re on the right track!

Our managed IT solutions can greatly benefit your operations through reasonable, dependable, efficient, and cost-effective IT solutions. Your choice to partner with our managed IT solutions and experienced team of IT experts will help you in every step of your business operations.

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