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The adoption of technology in present-day businesses is meant to simplify and enhance your daily operations, boost productivity and give you a competitive edge in the marketplace. If you are a business owner or company executive, you probably have enjoyed the fruits of investing in your IT department to ensure a smooth flow of operations. But, sometimes, IT issues can be the source of business headaches and can cost you in the long run and there are many IT Problems Your Company Should Never Ignore.

While the rise in the use of technology has come with benefits to your business and your employees, there is also a significant rise in security threats which can be difficult to keep up with, unless you are partnered with a trusted Managed Service Provider like TLC Solutions.

The good news is the majority of IT technicalities are caused by some common IT problems, which, when handled in advance, will protect your business data and network systems and boost productivity levels.

What are the most common IT problems that you should never ignore?


#1. Data Backup Problems

Regular data backup is vital, and every business should test to make sure that they are able to restore files when needed. But most SMEs overlook data backup and may have to pay for it heavily.

You may wake up one day only to find all the files are missing from your computer due to a natural disaster, hackers, or even accidental deletion. What next if you don’t have a backup?


#2Lack of a proper IT Plan

No matter your business’s size, failing to take ample time to plan an IT strategy is a recipe for disaster.

The technology shift has made many businesses experience improved efficiency and productivity. Still, it has also paved the way for vulnerabilities that may negatively impact your business if not addressed.

Working with TLC Solutions to develop a wide-ranging IT strategic plan that includes your business functionssecurity, preservation, and development is the ultimate way to ensure that your business survives and thrives in the long term.


#3. Cyber Attacks: 

Cyber-attacks are rising, and your business can become a target and fall victim to these malicious actions. Studies from cyber security experts show that approximately 60% of cyber-attacks and data breaches can severely impact small businesses and cost thousands of dollars in recovery expenses.

You should always ensure that you have robust IT security processes to keep your data and system safe. Cyber security can be a complex issue, and you need to evaluate your risks. You can opt to restrict access to some files or databases by using 2-factor authentication. In addition, firewalls, antispyware programs and user training help protect your systems.


#4. Out-of-date Hardware and Software

If your team is experiencing delays, hang-ups, and slow applications, they may be related to outdated hardware or software.

It is essential to know how long your computer hardware/software will last and have adequate plans for replacing them before they bring problems and affect your flow of operations.


#5. Your Staff Isn’t Trained On Cybersecurity Threats

If your IT team is always overloaded with tasks, training can’t be a top priority, exposing your business to hackers.

Your staff should play a vital role in IT security and needs regular training because they will perhaps be the next victim of cyber criminals and expose your sensitive files and folders to malicious people.

Training about phishing, malware, and other forms of cyber-attacks and how to avoid them can raise awareness and help them not to become victims.


The ultimate approach to your IT problems by TLC Solutions!

Letting crucial IT problems go unresolved will cost your business more money.

You can instead allow a professional IT team from TLC Solutions to keep your business running smoothly with the most recent technology and security solutions while you focus on your business goals.


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