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vCIO (virtual Chief Information Officer)

Have an expert vCIO handle your IT Strategies and Focus on expanding your business.

TLC Solutions offers companies a virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) as a solution to the business challenge of having a full-time Chief Information Officer. A full-time CIO can be costly if there are no on-going challenges for a CIO to resolve. This is a subscription-based service which provides a committed consultant to fulfill the role of CIO on a part-time basis.


vCIO can fulfill these key responsibilities:

  • Represent it within the leadership team
  • Oversee the it budget
  • Continuously develop the IT Strategy to ensure it aligns with the objectives of the business
  • Provide the management team with ad-hoc strategic it advice and guidance
  • Ensure it projects are delivered optimally and the benefits expected are achieved
TLC Solutions’ vCIO holds several industry certifications and has over a decade of experience providing technical expertise, strategic planning and recommendations.