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You’ve decided to go and get detailed proposals from IT companies to get support for your servers and network, or for managed IT services. They go ahead and discuss your IT needs with you and to find out your goals and strategies are with regards to your IT. As a protocol, they perform a network assessment to ensure the integrity of your network system and maintenance are up to speed and standard. The proposal comes out and you’re impressed with the details and accuracy for which all of your needs and objectives are met and accounted for. However, you’re reluctant with investing in the recommended maintenance and upgrades that have been listed. After all, your systems are still working and why fix what’s not broken right?

But before you decide on saying no to these upgrade costs that have been recommended, consider these reasons. They have been recommended mostly for your benefit and not to squeeze more money out of you than what’s needed.

1. Help Desk Support is a Partnership

When you choose to outsource your company’s IT to a service provider, you are entrusting the maintenance of your network and systems to a reliable company and depend on them to keep your systems uptime at a constant level with the most minimal disruption of work. They are an extension of your business, your own IT department that you trust can keep your backend systems and infrastructure running so you could do your work. That is their ultimate goal and promise, backed by their service-level agreement. They partner up with your company to provide the quality of service that all businesses deserve to get, thus…

2. It Is Ultimately For Your Benefit

The goal is to not nickel and dime you for everything that needs to be done, every time an issue arises. After all, you are enlisting their services to get away from that, from which you know first-hand can be too costly for your own good. These recommendations are to ensure you do not succumb to shelling out money every time something breaks, which could’ve easily been avoided should the due diligence of maintenance and upgrades have been done. Doing this is as much work to managed services providers as it is costly for the clients. There won’t be any moving forward, and the cost just doubles up for you. Certainly not the way both you and your MSP would want to go. Your uptime for daily operations is what’s on your MSP’s mind, it is part of the strategy that would give your company the most cost-efficient solution to your needs.

As with all your partnerships – help them help you.



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