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What ransomware does is lockdown or destruction of your most valued digital assets, unless payment is made. And it’s usually a LOT of money.

It is a scary thing to happen to businesses and what’s worse it that occurs without a warning, with no tell-tale signs that your data is being targeted. They way ransomware operates hurts businesses and can be a clear threat to the personal lives of the people involved in the business.

The scarier part of it all is that it has the potential to impact and disrupt vital organization in the society. Imagine the effect it will make when a computer virus or malware manages to get into, say, hospital computers, and threatens to stop all operations, then it’s become a new level of community threat.

It may seem like there’s nothing anyone can do to stop attacks like this. It’s one things for people at home to get attacked but for businesses, especially those vital to societies, to get attacked are a whole other tragedy. But that is why security software applications life Trend Micro Security continue to work round the clock to protect data and give support when needed.

Here are the three ways Trend Micro Security helps with ransomware:


The most critical and obvious way for a ransomware not to happen is to prevent it. Contrary to how it might seem, ransomware can be stopped. Just since the last year, it has successfully blocked over 100,000,000 ransomware threats.

Ransomware Hotline

This is not exclusive to Trend Micro customers. Because they are for helping those attacked, they’ve set up a Ransomware Hotline for non-customers to receive FREE guidance from their support technicians regarding ransomware.

Free Ransomware Removal Tools

They have provided free tools people can use to try and recover from these ransomware attacks.

Ransomware is a real, serious, and scary threat to everyone’s digital lives and to business data. The best cure is always a good offense and prevention is the key to a good offense.


If you don’t want your business to suffer from any security attacks, we suggest you looking at your network first to find our its vulnerabilities. Click below if you want to schedule anassessment with us for FREE.