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Technological advances have made it possible for businesses to run a diverse set of applications to help run their companies efficiently. With different factors to consider, every infrastructure has become uniquely personalized. However, because of the fast changing technological times, old school approaches are quickly becoming inapplicable in modern business. It has paved more way for the growth of managed services strategy.

Emerging trends in technology have affected how businesses spend money on their IT strategies. There’s quite a number of applications that companies depend on for optimum operation. This has led to an increase in dependency on data centres, leading to growth in spending.

Technological advances aren’t ceasing though. So what does this mean for your business? Continuous demands for more infrastructure storage and an equal demand in spending. This is the common scenario with a traditional network infrastructure. Going for a scalable infrastructure is removing the limits brought by the traditional and with that, the eventual decrease of IT spending.

Increasing storage capacity in the traditional way means time, cost and long-term maintenance spent on building and owning data centres. Going for hyper-converged infrastructure managed services storage such as colocation or public cloud solutions create the right flexibility for your business. That’s not all – it eliminates time-constraint and maintenance costs. Businesses can quickly scale on demand and go about their operations with the most minimal disruption.

Colocations and public cloud services also allows access to different interconnected infrastructures that pave the way for new levels of network security and flexibility. Colocations allow businesses to use third-party state of the art facilities for a fraction of the cost of building, owning and maintaining one. This managed services strategy for storage also allows for businesses to instead invest the money towards innovation.

However much the pressure and demand is on moving to cloud-based solutions, there is still the challenge of which form of cloud solution would be best for your business. It is important to evaluate your network demands and know the challenges unique to your business before asking for further expert advice. Give a full account of your business’ current environment and what your needs are and together, plan for the new migration. And of course, only do this when you understand fully that it is indeed time to change.



When you’re ready to start a conversation regarding what network infrastructure system is best for your company, give us a call and we’ll assess your network and give you a detailed proposal and recommendation.