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All of the greatest novels of the past have been brought to us by the great minds of our literary heroes AND a silent (not really if you’ve used it) hero stands among them – the typewriter. The abscence of which would deprive us of the formal production of the written word.

Here, we see Aale Maria Tynni-Haavio, most commonly known as Aale Tynni, a Finnish poet and translator and wife of fellow Finnish poet Martti Haavio, using a typewriter to translate some of her renowned work.

She is best known for editing and translating European poetry ranging from the Middle Ages into Finnish in a comprehensive anthology of entitled Tuhat Laulujen Vuotta in 1957.

Fun Typewriter Trivia

  • Mark Twain’s “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” was the first novel written on a standard typewriter.

  • The longest common word using just the top letters of the keyboard is strangely enough TYPEWRITER.

  • The longest common word using just your left hand is STEWARDESSES.

  • The longest common word using just your right hand is LOLLIPOP

  • Even though most people are right handed, 56% of typing is done with the left hand.



Trivia source: Mike Byster