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These old record players, or gramophones, are now making a comeback as aesthetic decorative pieces for homes aiming for the vintage look, especially with them coming in different retro colors. 

A gramophone is an ancient instrument allowing to play mechanically a piece of music recorded on a metal phonographic record. It follows the Thomas Edison cylinder phonograph , and patented by Émile Berliner.

For young folks who haven’t used these before, a gramophone consists of three elements:

  • A turntable where the disc is deposited. The plate is then rotated by means of a crank or later by a spring motor;

  • A tubular arm having one of its ends a reading end, which is composed of a needle, like a sewing needle, and a diaphragm, which can pivot and follow the movement of the head on the disk;

  • And an amplification device, usually a conical shape. The most common of these devices is a decorated sheet metal pavilion.

It is fully mechanical for rotating the disc as well as reproducing the sound.

  • The rotations is assured by a spring which is tended beforehand by listening to a disc, by actuating a key or crank a few turns, and the speed is ensured by a regulator.

  • Listening is done by the reading head, whihc weighs about 100 – 200 grams, and consists of a vibrating membrane by means of a needle or sapphire under the impulse of the sinuosities of the furrow, and amplified by a flag, a funnel or sound box.


Source: Wikipedia