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Microsoft SharePoint has been a key factor in collaboration success for businesses and increase in productivity. This undisputed fact is all the more proven true by 75% of Fortune 500 companies utilizing the Microsoft SharePoint benefits and features.

Project success has been made easy as it allows project teams to effectively access information and collaborate with each other. Oganizations have also found that they can easily control cost and reduce the risk associated with IT through the software.

Some of the key features of SharePoint include: Intranet Portals; Document & File Management; Social Networks; Websites; Extranets; Advanced Search Functionality; and increased Business Intelligence Solutions. All these provide companies of all sizes the ability to better utilize data while reducing costs but never at the expense of quality.

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There are a lot of benefits that SharePoint provides businesses with that make it their number one choice, but let’s take a look at the six key advantages.

It is customizable up to the minute details

This allows project teams to customize from their end and get all the unique sets of tools they need to get the job done, done right, and effectively. They can keep features as they come or opt to build custom applications and components with ease, and access the specific tools they need for the project.

There is site consolidation under one platform

The ability to incorporate all sites under one platform means reducing costs associated with each site. Consolidating the intranet, extranet, and internet sites results in substantial savings for the organization, which can be used for business growth. It also proves to be an efficient method for accessing the sites. Not only that, SharePoint has seamless integration with MS Office, MS Unified Communications and the MS Exchange Server.

It has centralized administration for control

SharePoint managers can effectively maintain control of the entire platform through the Central Administration (CA) Console. They have access to application management features and system settings, can monitor SharePoint farms, perform backups and restorations, manage security settings, change general application settings, upgrade SharePoint, and use configuration wizards under the CA console.

Its collaboration is top-notch

This feature allows all the team members to easily stay connected and informed throughout the project’s lifecycle. This allows for a streamlined approach to team-based work and for information to be circulated more freely throughout the organization. And better collaboration leads to better decision making.

Ease of use even for non-developers

Users don’t need to be a developer nor have background in web development in order to build the tools and solutions they need. SharePoint has a suite of features and tools to respond quickly to their business needs, whether it be building a website, or updating one or creating a specific online tool for the team.

It provides security and integrity at both a broad and single item level

The integrity of data from unauthorized use will always be protected. Managing permissions to sites, folders, lists, documents, and web applications can easily be done as well. Projects teams can be rest assured that SharePoint’s cloud that houses their documents will never be compromised through settings that they set up themselves. They can set up a requirement for users to check out documents prior to editing, allowing users to view all the revisions made to a document and return it to its original state if need be.


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