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Using Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform as foundation, IT organizations using VMWare, Citrix, or both can deliver desktops and applications to their end users with excellent user experience. They also reap the benefits such as simplified management and the ability to linearly scale with the growth of their end users and size of companies.

Nutanix technology and its platforms have been chosen to deliver as many as hundreds of thousands of hosted, virtual and shared desktops since 2011. Its clients include different industries of all sizes such as healthcare, financial services, government, manufacturing, high-tech, and retail among them. These companies have been deploying Nutanix VDI solutions to realize their VDI projects for success and all the while gaining the benefits of lower TCO, faster time to value and increased end-user satisfaction.

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These benefits are part of the function of Nutanix’s web-scale architecture. This allows companies to start small and linearly scale without having to re-structure their infrastructure. It also allows for native VM-centric integration and has the ability to size the infrastructure in terms of the needs of its end-users. 

Here are a couple of examples of real-world customers using the Nutanix VDI Solution Eterprise Cloud Platform as foundation for their VDI deploments.

The first one is from Texas. As the 3rd largest county in US, Harris County, Texas houses four million citizens. A year ago, the Harris County IT team embarked on an aggressive plan to implement Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop for their 600+ staff, along with other services such as Microsoft Skype for Business (formerly Lync) and Microsoft Exchange 2016. However their legacy environment was limiting their abilities to deliver user mobility, anytime access and new use cases including video storage. Running a POC with Nutanix, the Harris County IT team discovered that they can realize clear business benefits such as increased ROI, reduced footprint and technology benefits such as high performance, ease of implementation and reliable support. By implementing XenApp and XenDesktop on Nutanix, Harris County is enabling user mobility and providing secure, on the go access to desktops while benefitting from simplified management, upgrades and support for virtual desktops.

Another one is from Georgia, USA. Houston Healthcare is a world-class healthcare system serving over 300,000 people a year in the Peach State. In order to provide quality care to such a large population, physicians required their end computing devices to be an enabler and accelerate patient care. However, with physical desktops, Houston Healthcare physicians experience long wait times leading to 20+ minutes wasted each day per physician. The Houston Healthcare IT team turned to the Nutanix VDI solution to solve the problem and as a result reduced physician login times by 60-80%. The new virtual desktops, running on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, enabled the physicians to access patient information from a wide variety of endpoints, including mobile devices.

Additionally, Houston Healthcare was able to quickly upgrade and scale their VDI environment as a result of their patch cycles drastically reducing from days to less than 30 minutes. Dave Griffin, who was the Director of IT Infrastructure from Houston Healthcare, received an ecstatic response from physicians who were securely allowed to leverage their tablets and phones while maintaining healthcare compliance. As a result Houston Healthcare has revolutionized delivery of patient care by allowing their physicians secure, anytime, anywhere access to patient data, while realizing significant cost savings and productivity gains over legacy end user computing deployments.

These are just a couple of success stories with using the Nutanix VDI Solution.


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Source: Nutanix Blog