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The fast-paced world we live in nowadays can only mean that innovations are happening everyday, hardware and software are continuously improved and some computer applications are sadly becoming obsolete. And yet even with these around, a lot of businesses still deliver their IT help desk in the traditional way – the break-fix model.

While being traditional isn’t exactly wrong, technology these days demand for a more flexible and scalable approach. To satisfy this, stand-alone IT companies have emerged to break away from the resource-exhausting break-fix model, and instead focus on preventive measures to cease downtime.

There is a clear strategic value in transitioning from in-house IT help desk to outsourced IT service desk/managed services and can be seen through their differences.

IT Help Desk
  • Help desk isn’t strategic and innovative, therefore has always looked the same since the moment it’s implemented.
  • It is supportive of the technology, not of the users who actually bring value to the business.
  • Users in companies with a traditional IT help desk may have to go through several points of contact to get a single issue resolved.
  • There may be lack of a career path for the employees in the traditonal IT environment stuck in fixing any technology or hardware that gets broken. If their talents are not utilized, help desk employees may leave to progress, causing a high turnover rate for the company which translates into higher hiring costs.
Outsourced IT Service Desk
  • It supports the users and their productivity. They make sure the technology that supports them have zero downtime with the preventive measures in place.
  • It is the central point of everything technology and network-wise. Users wouldn’t have to deal with multiple contacts for an issue to be resolved and these are seen through to conclusion. They only have to report the problem to their IT support and they are given an estimated timeline of when it will be resolved and status updates.
  • Better career path for IT professionals. IT companies can utilize the skills their IT talents have, creating a nurturing environment that they can grow in.
  • Pool of talents in one place. Access to expertise in technical and professional skills is a great benefit for an IT project or solution companies might need implemented.

These points clearly outline the differences between the traditional IT model and the continuously improving IT service desk. The limitations that the traditional IT help desk has does not exist in the outsourced IT service desk. The modern IT is defined by easy access to whatever solution and support the users need and prefer.

There are more benefits to switching to the outsourced IT managed services approach. 



When you’re ready to switch to a more cost-effective solution for your IT support needs, give us a call and we can look at your network and structure a support solution that best suits your business.