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There is no doubt of the significance of Office 365 to daily business operations. It offers a suite of Office 365 apps that are quite essential to any organization – Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, to name a few. But there are other apps, though not popularly known as these are, will up your end user productivity even more and help you take full advantage of what Office 365 really offers.Related:

Tech advisory has given us the top 5 most useful Office 365 apps for business:

1. Sway

This is a presentation program being utilized for website creation where users can combine text and media together.

2. OneDrive for Business

Formerly known as SkyDrive, OneDrive for business is the cloud storage offering from Microsoft. It is what Dropbox is to personal users, providing a single avenue for businesses to save, sync and share their files anytime, anywhere with more security.

3. Skype for Business

This is a unified communications platform that integrates common channels of business communication – instant messaging, Voice over IP, file transfer, video and web conferencing, and voice mail. It offers professional collaboration and meetings, ease of account managements and reduces costs with this one solution.

4. Office 365 Groups

This app provides an avenue for sharing of ideas from groups working on a project. They can share documents, communications, and notes, bringing team members from anywhere in a single place of collaboration. It is predicted to become a complete replacement for SharePoint team sites as it is more user-friendly, and more manageable and just as functional as SharePoint.

5. SharePoint Intranets

Through SharePoint Intranet, communication and collaboration in the office are enhanced and information is effectively stored, organized, and streamlined.


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