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Managed services is all but the rave now for cost-efficient measures for IT and help desk support. But all the benefits it offers could only be provided and utilized fully in a successful and thriving partnership with a service provider.

Consider these important criteria in finding your best match for a partnership in managed services Vancouver that lasts.

No to cookie-cutter service plan

Choose a managed services provider who takes time to know your business and your strategies so they could come up with a specific plan that would best accomplish your goals. 

Long-lasting relationships

You can easily see how they value their relationship with their list of long-term clients. But what would really stand out is if they’ve come to you with a progressive technological roadmap that focuses on your business’ success and competitive advantage throughout any change in market conditions. This affirms the way they nurture their clients for success and a lasting partnership.

Attractive breadth of offerings

Managed services providers partner with different industry brand and vendors so they can offer their clients a comprehensive service portfolio. This means you only have to deal with your MSP as a single provider than having to manage different and conflicting vendors.

Solution to technology pain points

A truly dedicated service provider will take time to sit with you and discuss your major network problems such as areas where outages have occured and vulnerabilities in your network security. They’ll address these problems and more with a proposal of detailed solutions tailored to these issues.

Close and constant communications

Presenting formal reviews and data to show the effectiveness of the solutions they’ve provided should be offered at a consistent timeline – either annually or quarterly. Make sure your MSP provides you with a dedicated Account Manager to oversee your IT needs and with whom you can arrange informal meetings with whenever the need arises.



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