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What is Starlink?

Starlink is a satellite internet project engineered by SpaceX that ultimately aims to bring easily accessible internet across the entirety of the globe. While we’ve seen different variants of satellite internet connections before, what sets Starlink apart from its competition is the fact that its satellites themselves operate in low-earth orbit.

In traditional satellite internet, the satellites’ orbit is outside our atmosphere and signals have to travel a long distance to our devices to successfully establish connectivity. This isn’t the case with Starlink at all. Since the satellites are in low-earth orbit, the signals have a much shorter distance to travel which has a vast variety of benefits that make Starlink a service that truly stands out from the rest.

Although the goal of Starlink is to establish high-speed internet access across the entire world, SpaceX is starting with North America and has already launched the beta program across Canada. Beta users can access the service through Starlink or via a certified Starlink Installer, such as TLC Solutions.

What can your business expect from Starlink?

  • 50MB/s to 100 MB/s+ upload speeds, which is substantially faster than the average download speeds of 5MB/s to 50MB/s.
  • The amount of information that can be moved between your network of computers quickly will be best in class.
  • Less downtime as Starlink is not susceptible to inclement weather. It even has a self-aiming receiver dish and a snow sensor that heats the receiver to prevent snow accumulation.
  • Will be available to remote areas where only satellite internet access is currently.
  • Monthly rates in line with other satellite internet providers.

The speeds currently being achieved by Starlink are impressive but the ping rate is what a lot of users, especially gamers, will be most intrigued by. Low ping is something that’s been almost impossible to achieve with traditional satellite internet as data packets have to travel such long distances but, thanks to the innovative infrastructure of Starlink, this is no longer the case.

Why use a Starlink Installer?

If you’re among the audience of early adopters interested in getting a taste of Starlink, you may want to look at a certified Starlink installer to help you get started. Although you order the service via Starlink directly, there are many advantages of relying on a Starlink installer.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of relying on a certified Starlink installer is the fact that we have fully-trained and capable teams available at our disposal to help establish your connection. We will find the best location for the dish, set up the mounting hardware, and run the cables to ensure the easiest transition to your new internet provider.

We are well-versed in Starlink technology and are thoroughly familiar with the entire package so you can be certain that our experts will have your connection up and running as quickly as possible without any hiccups. Finally, we’re fully committed to our Starlink service so, if you have any concerns or queries, you can feel free to reach out to us and our experts will assist you however we can.

Many of our remote clients are making the switch to Starlink, would you like to be among them? Reach out for more information!