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Staff Augmentation

Why choose Staff Augmentation?

Staff Augmentation is the practice of having an external service provider’s employee work within your business environment daily. They become an expert resource to run the service desk yet have the support of a larger organization for technical tools, escalations, infrastructure management and strategic guidance. Staff Augmentation can be a time and cost-effective solution.

Staff Augmentation or build your own IT department?

Having someone on site, familiar with the daily business operations and users, can provide a quick response time and resolution for issues, keeping uptime maximized and staff productive. But how do you decide between Staff Augmentation and an internal department?

Limitations with internal IT:
  • Time and costs associated with hiring and training the right person (How do you determine if they are qualified if your HR isn’t technical?), employee salary and benefits.
  • Lack of systems for ticketing, standard process documentation, consistent reporting, project management, procurement.
  • Employee absence, planned or unexpected.
  • Information management (Does anyone else know the server admin password or what licensing needs renewal?).
Why choose Staff Augmentation:
  • The convenience of an onsite resource familiar with your staff’s unique circumstances, in addition to the process infrastructure of TLC Solutions’ team.
  • We can offer 24/7/365 support, so you don’t have to worry about employee sickness or holiday coverage.
  • One person can never keep up with the ever-changing tech industry. With our team’s range of experience and qualifications, there is always someone to help troubleshoot a quick fix or strategically plan a larger project.

Without concerns about your technology, you have the confidence to spend your time on growing your business goals and doing what your business does best.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation
Access to Experienced Professionals

With experts at the helm of your IT, you can trust that you will receive proactive support, not just a reactive response when something has gone wrong. TLC Solutions has a team of world-class support analysts who can support your onsite resource to troubleshoot and resolve your IT issues faster than an internal employee, which means more uptime and productivity.

Budget Management

Removing the cost of hiring and training a single dedicated employee, as well as the risk that they may be a poor fit, means your IT budget can be spent wisely on system upgrades and data security systems. Monthly costs can be predicted and long-term IT strategic planning, with TLC’s IT Consulting Services, can determine the best path forward for your most effective technical costs allocation.

Minimized Risk

Having access to TLC Solutions’ IT Services means your system updates and data backups are managed correctly. Proactive management often prevents downtime. All infrastructure information is recorded in a secure environment which you can always access. You are never at the mercy of one person holding the key to all your business passwords and license records.

Our Promise to You


We don’t invoice our clients until you are confident we can contribute to your business.


We don’t hold information hostage. Your IT information (intellectual property) is always available to you in real-time.


We don’t request a long-term commitment – Our agreement is month to month.


When you are ready to build an internal IT department, we will help develop the structure, recruit and train your team.

Request a Consultation

TLC Solutions can work with you to determine your needs then select a trained IT professional to augment your workforce. This individual can be integrated within your daily business, but will have the support of our whole team, to ensure your technical business operations are functioning at their optimum levels.