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Server Infrastructure

Servers are the most crucial piece to your IT Infrastructure, ensure they are up to the task.

Servers are the core component of most business networks. They enable operations to run smoothly as they deliver services such as file sharing, printer sharing, collaboration, email, and customer connectivity.

TLC Solutions offers a Server Infrastructure Solution that can build physical or virtual servers for your business. The virtual servers are physically located in our data center but are connected to your own network.

Server Infrastructure Solution Provides:
  • Design and capacity planning specific to your enterprise needs
  • Business continuity with uninterrupted and fast up-time through server support and optimization
  • The latest server monitoring software to ensure problem detection before it occurs
  • Back-up for important data security

Server Management Services include:

  • Cloud management
  • Server monitoring
  • Server fault management
  • Server configuration management
  • Backup and restore monitoring and management
  • Security management services
  • Server performance management
  • Hardware management
  • Microsoft operating system management
  • San support
  • Virus protection monitoring and management
  • Remote support
  • Reporting
  • Monitoring and management of physical and virtual server operating systems
  • Patch management
  • Network device support
We have an expert server support team on board that will manage the upkeep of your server infrastructure and associated IT Services, so you can focus on growing your business. We will ensure that we will supervise the entire process from server building, monitoring, maintaining, to immediate recovery in the event of lost data.