Satellite TV, Internet and Services

Make a more reliable connection with satellite services system for your business

TLC Solutions offers total communication, and this includes designing and integrating high quality satellite services systems. Our advanced earth stations and expertise enable a huge range of transmission, providing the utmost connectivity of your business even to your most isolated locations in Western Canada.

What are the advantages of satellite communications?

  • It’s cost-effective – Costs aren’t driven up as more people use the network, and greater distance doesn’t mean higher bills.
  • It’s reliable– Your satellite connections remain stable even when outages occur on the ground.
  • Superior performance – Satellite is unmatched for broadcast applications like television.
  • Global availability – Communications satellites cover all land masses, which is great news for rural and remote regions that cannot connect to the internet by other means.
  • It’s versatile – Satellites support many forms of communications, ranging from simple point-of-sale validation to bandwidth intensive multimedia applications. They’re highly flexible too, meaning that they can operate independently or as part of a larger network.
  • They’re scalable– It’s easy to add further receive sites, or nodes on a network.

We specialize in providing, servicing, and installing satellite TV and internet for Northern and Interior cities including Prince George, Kitimat, Prince Rupert, Terrace, Burns Lake, Smithers, Kelowna, Kamloops, Williams Lake, Dease Lake, Iskut and Stewart.