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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) can be thought of as the central nervous system of an organization. Many business processes are in place to run an organization efficiently – Human resources, manufacturing, finance, and procurement. ERP aids in managing all these processes as an integrated system.

The implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning systems is gaining popularity among large and medium-sized businesses today. TLC Solutions works with small businesses and start-ups, helping them to modernize their business practices and implement ERP solutions to best manage their finance and operations in conjunction with their short and long-term goals.

As the ERP practice floods the marketplace, organizations are on the lookout for AI-empowered ERP as the latest innovative technological standard.

The rise in AI (Artificial Intelligence) usage in the current technical world has captivated experts due to its powerful competencies. AI technology is enhancing and changing business procedures for companies around the world.

It has been difficult to access advanced AI functionalities in previous years because of their limitations, undeveloped tools, and high costs. The algorithms used in AI implementations required knowledgeable individuals in the fields who were not available in most software companies. AI also requires powerful computers and massive data storage to process the underlying data.

TLC Solutions have a dedicated ERP implementation team ready to work with you and incorporate AI functionality into your ERP platform.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): What Is It?

Artificial Intelligence, commonly referred to as AI, is defined as the capability of computers to execute tasks that involve intelligence. This means that a computer application can carry out tasks that previously required an individual to do the job. The machine is programmed to mimic human actions and carry out tasks like human beings.

Artificial Intelligence technology’s popularity is growing day by day. There are many types of AI software today that can execute tasks, such as visualization systems that can see and identify images or learning tools that can process huge amounts of data to learn patterns and determine the data results.


What is the role of AI technology in ERP?

AI technology’s purpose is to assist in human tasks, helping in making advanced decisions, and managing complex networks between people and organizations.

AI technology in ERP takes control of responsibilities that were initially handled by human beings to accomplish. The technology is gradually gaining more skills and intelligence, enabling AI to handle or manage more tasks that used to require human intelligence to analyze and execute.

An ERP software equipped with AI can significantly impact a company’s daily operations by restructuring the day-to-day chores, minimizing the operations costs, and eradicating any manual inaccuracy. AI technology can also be trained for different processes to enhance the entire business’s effectiveness.

Most businesses use a substantial amount of structured information. The automation of ERP software systems combined with AI-enabled system data mining ability can bring significant value to a company’s business operations.

#1. Customer service:

AI-enabled ERP systems help in smooth, real-time customer communication. Instead of employing a physical customer service attendant to handle a long queue of clients, questions and concerns can be answered through chatbots. The AI enable chatbot will give the client appropriate responses saving time and money.

This gives the employees more time to focus on difficult consumer inquiries that require human intelligence and assistance.

#2. Improved user experience

Navigating a multifaceted system such as ERP can be a stumbling block. AI-enabled ERP systems can make it easier to navigate the software improving the user experience through the interface.

AI technology uses human input, making the applications quicker and increasing the responsiveness making it more user-friendly.

#3. Inventory management

Inventory management is one of the major complexities that affect many companies. Many businesses face challenges in managing their inventory. Accurate inventory management allows a business to maintain adequate funds and stock to manage business processes effectively.

By working with TLC Solutions to integrate AI technology into your ERP system, you will be in control and you will no longer have to deal with the challenges that come with over or under production. This will reduce inventory storage issues, resulting in lower costs.

#4. Guarantees maximum efficiency in the business processes

Integrating AI with ERPs has decreased the need for individuals to do data entry. Most organizations with AI-enabled ERP systems have automated many business processes that once required human intelligence. As a result, these organizations have freed up human resources to focus on other tasks that require more time and effort.

#6. Process automation

Automated business processes through AI technology can significantly save your business time and money. There are several regular business processes such as invoicing and monthly reports entries that can take many hours to accomplish, consuming most of your employee’s time and money.

AI-enabled ERP systems can help prepare monthly schedules, inventory management, accounting through automation, giving your employees more time to direct their time and energy to other business tasks to boost productivity.

Furthermore, AI-enabled systems help you perform huge workloads within a short period giving you more time to focus on business growth with the available resources.

In conclusion, the use of AI technology in ERP will drastically change the way organizations manage and handle their business data and processes. Human efforts and intelligence will no longer be needed to code and key in business transaction details. There will be no need for individuals to waste time waiting behind computer screens for approvals or for staff to monitor factory equipment and inventory.

TLC Solutions ERP Consultants can help your business today select an AI-enabled ERP system that will considerably increase your operational effectiveness and enhance your customer experience.

At TLC Solutions, we strive to be the best MSP. Our team is highly focused on providing solutions that make business sense for our clients. Backed by the experience of managing an extensive portfolio, TLC gives its client a competitive edge in the modern tech integrated world.

If you would like to know more about the positive impact properly managed IT systems can have on your operations or if you would like to learn more about what MSP can do for you, feel free to reach out to our experts.