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While many business organizations rely on continuous innovation and the power of digital transformation to remain competitive, here at TLC Solutions we are seeing cutting-edge businesses amend their focus to consider security, access controls and the user experience as part of their competitive edge.

The rise of both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) has had a significant impact on application security policies and practices. These two technologies have helped companies prevent data breaches and reduce the unintended release of data, both of which have the potential for significant negative impacts.

Cloud platforms, which were traditionally thought to be more vulnerable to security threats and issues, have significantly benefitted from the speed and power of AI and ML-powered security solutions. AI-powered security algorithms for cloud platforms are very efficient at detecting security threats and data breaches that seriously impact security.


Artificial Intelligence in Cloud Computing

The global market value of AI technology is fast increasing. It is not surprising that AI solutions for cloud computing platforms account for a sizable portion of the actual market value. The greater impact of AI on data security is primarily determined by how it secures cloud platforms from any security threat.

While most estimates and studies calculate the impact of AI on cloud security in billions and trillions of dollars, one can only imagine the actual impact in terms of how AI maximizes cloud data security.


Using AI to Improve Data Management

The main influence of artificial intelligence tools on cloud systems can be best thought of in terms of how it improves data management.

Modern-day organizations in almost any industry generate massive amounts of data in a wide variety of formats.

Because managing this massive pool of data with the proper infrastructure to get the most insights and outputs from it is becoming increasingly complex, AI-based tools are being implemented as advanced solutions manage both the risks and benefits.

AI is being applied in cloud computing systems to assist with data processing, administration, and structure. Such AI-based technologies play a critical role in particular business segments where hundreds of touchpoints generate data throughout the day, and businesses need to monitor data throughout the process.

The banking industry is one of the key beneficiaries, where companies must monitor and analyze thousands of transactions every day. This is effectively made possible by the AI-powered data processing for their cloud aids in the processing and structuring data in a more significant way.



AI’s combined technology eliminates the barriers to intelligent automation and enables business-wide rollout throughout the organization. AI also enhances productiveness with algorithmic models providing real-time insights based on data pattern, historicity, etc.

Leveraging AI and cloud computing solutions can generate forces of hyper-automation for enterprises as it will bring in cognitive automation on semi-structured and unstructured documents and push boundaries for effective infrastructure management. This leads to cost transformation for enterprises and transformative end customer experience.


Using AI and Machine Learning to Secure Business Data on the Cloud

Over the recent years, the tech industry has seen radical developments in data security for cloud-hosted apps that take a different approach from previous security solutions. While past data security solutions were primarily reactive and only blocked malicious actions after they had occurred, today’s AI-powered security solutions are concerned with detecting and preventing security vulnerabilities at the preliminary stages.

IBM QRadar is a classic example of an intelligent adviser product powered by IBM Watson designed to assist businesses in identifying potential security threats and weak regions.

It’s an effective and reliable solution that sends out alerts about security breaches that are taking place. Such responsive and always-alert methods aid specialists in dealing with security threats and attacks and respond in the shortest time possible without any delay.

Essentially, the coming years will see artificial learning and machine learning become the ultimate de facto model for all cloud operating. It’s a disruptive technology that will likely dominate the industry for decades to come. It’s even more promising in that many organizations are already focusing on incorporating artificial intelligence.


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