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Get Your Team Working from Home

Transition your teams to remote work with ease

Communication is the key to success, whether you’re a three-person team or a global enterprise. The COVID-19 pandemic has made working from home a new reality, and which can create communication challenges. What’s more, setting up remote work systems can be stressful and time-consuming, particularly when you need to focus on your business most. TLC Solutions is here to help.

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  • TLC Solutions has been implementing work from home solutions for over 20 years. Our mission is to help people love the technology we deliver… and they do! Find out how TLC can help you securely and remotely access your business-critical networks, information and applications, and even check in on team productivity.

Here are some of the questions we get asked. 

 As always, if you need additional information, please reach out 

How do I set up my team to work from home?

Let us do the heavy lifting. Simply contact us and tell us what you need. We’ll be able to set up a work from home system for your business remotely. Securely access your network, information and applications and monitor your team’s productivity without leaving your desk.

How can I ensure my teams are performing?

TLC Solutions offers a number of options for monitoring team performance. Contact us to discuss options.

Will my employees’ current wifi work?

If they can stream Netflix, their wifi is fast enough to work from home! A regular internet connection is all that’s needed.

Will you need to enter my residence to set up these systems?

No. All of the systems and software that TLC Solutions implements can be set up remotely. It’s easy, no-fuss, and no face-to-face.

How much will it cost?

We offer a range of pricing options, depending on your needs and project complexity. We customize solutions for each business — no matter the size — so you’ll only pay for the systems you want and with options including month to month, short term and long term.

Will you be available for support?

Absolutely. Our team of IT professionals is available seven days a week to provide advice and support via email, phone, or live chat.

Our remote work solutions:



  • Remote access (VPN Virtual Private Network, RDS Remote Desktop Services)
  • Cloud phone systems (Ring Central Phone, Ring Central Meetings)
  • Cloud-based storage and collaboration tools (MS Teams, Sharefile, Dropbox, Skype for Business)
  • Cloud-based applications and email (Office 365, GSuite)
  • Cloud-based infrastructure (Azure, AWS)
  • Cloud backup & business continuity (Veeam, Crashplan)

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