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A fast and efficient network is an essential part of any organization, no matter the size, to keep being viable. With limited resources being one of the major setbacks of businesses, remote monitoring presents an effective solution to reducing the costly network downtime, without much effort and expenditures on the part of the organization.

Technological and network disruptions are any businesses’ nightmare, with particularly small to mid-size companies being the more vulnerable to such situations. The reality is such that a whole IT department would be too costly, but the lack thereof opens up their vulnerability to network issues reducing productivity, and with no immediate IT support or troubleshooter in sight. Companies may pay no mind to the remote monitoring feature offered by managed services, underestimating its potential to save a business’ cost and productivity. This feature allows your help desk to efficiently respond to multiple sites and issues, allowing them to stay competitive and viable in today’s economy.

Here are the other top benefits that managed services remote monitoring feature brings about to businesses:

Save costs and time, increase efficiency

Remote monitoring increases overall efficiency by saving time and reducing costs, allowing businesses to make use of their resource towards more strategies and goals. Managed IT services providers have an automated IT tracking software to monitor all computers in a network in a single central console. This provides real-time information in just a few clicks in an otherwise weeks of intensive work. This lets network administrators see potential problems and share with its team to address them to better efficiency and improve accuracy.

Minimize business disruption

When a problem arises, it needs to be addressed immediately and accurately in order to reduce downtime that may cost thousands of dollars. Remote monitoring lets managed services providers fix network issues as soon as they arise, anytime and anywhere. This also ensures that networks would always be up to date, reducing downtime and productivity loss. This is a particularly effective solution for small to mid-size companies in ensuring their network’s overall health and security, without suffering overhead costs.

Receive proactive maintenance

Remote monitoring can be done 24/7 and sends alerts anytime of the day so network irregularities can be addressed immediately. Some common irregularities are Windows updates are turned off, antivirus software is out of date, disc space falls below a defined percentage of free space, and Windows firewall is disabled. Without it, issues may go unnoticed for days or weeks, that can result in a costly problem in a much larger scale.

Gain essential insights

There is a much to be gained about the overall health of your network and areas in need of improvement when remote monitoring is in place. This saves IT administrators hours of break/fix work and provides for a quick resolution to what could otherwise be a costly network downtime. They also receive information on all IT assets such patches, updates, and hardware upgrades and they can keep track of all essential business and special applications.



The benefits of remote monitoring have a clear significance to achieveing business success. Click below to schedule a free network assessment so we can provide you with where your IT infrastrucutre may lack and give you a detailed recommendations on necessary measures.