Remote Camp Solutions

Clear and reliable connectivity on remote sites means increased productivity and safety in the field

TLC Solutions can set up your remote camp locations with simple, fast access to complete communication services, including, television, two-way radios, internet and related IT services and network management. We can fully manage these to ensure that your business has the accessibility, connectivity and continuity it needs.

Our Remote Camp Solutions

  • Optik TV. - Our partnership with Telus has your entertainment needs covered, with your field employees able to access almost 120 HD channels
  • Fibre optic internet - Broadband data connectivity gives you high speeds and secure connections
  • Satellite TV and communications - IP connectivity for TV, data and voice
  • Cellular and phone system communications – Your enterprise can benefit from mobile towers, cellular repeaters, phones and modems
  • Secure email accounts -  Safe, reliable and spam-free email accounts for all desktops and devices on the field means effective communication with head office
  • VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol for better long-distance communication
  • Wired and wireless networks (WAN, LAN, WLAN) -A Cost-effective solution to connect desktops, laptops and other devices to your business’ network out in the field
  • Wireless hotspots - High-speed Wi-Fi for all in each camp
  • Camp IT services and managed IT services - Consulting, set up and maintenance for IT projects implementation and technology management
  • Server network and design support - Tailored to your business needs in the field
  • 24/7 support - On-demand technical support whenever you need it