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The right one will improve workflow, enhance customer service and support your brand

It’s time to evaluate how your business communicates

Spring is here, and there’s no better time to take stock of your infrastructure systems. In this age of multiple communication channels, it’s easy to minimize the importance of your corporate phone system. However, installing the right one can make a huge difference in efficiency and effective delivery of services.

Choose the phone system that’s best for your staff and clients

There are a variety of options to support your business needs and bring your communication systems into the 21st century. These include:

PBX (Private Branch Exchange) – A private system with many technical and specialized features that companies usually host on-site.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) – This cloud-based system is popular because of its flexibility and countless benefits. This flexibility includes being able to make phone calls from your office phones, computers or mobile phones. You can also enjoy many of the advanced features offered by a PBX.

IP PBX – This hybrid system enables calls to be switched from VoIP users on local lines while allowing users to share external phone lines. It also lets calls to be switched between a VoIP and a traditional phone. The advantage is being able to converge data and voice networks so internet access, VoIP and traditional phone communications are all possible using a single line to each user. You own the system and save money on long-term operation and maintenance costs.

Reap the benefits of effective connections

  • Enhance customer service – Knowing there’s an easy way to talk to a real person for answers goes a long way to enhancing personal connections with your clients and maintaining good relationships.
  • Facilitate good workflow – A good phone system makes communication between employees easy, and many systems allow for a seamless transition between desk and mobile phones which means no matter where they are, colleagues can reach each other.
  • Increase brand credibility – Customers appreciate a reliable and stable means of reaching you, so a solid phone system enhances professionalism and supports your corporate reputation.
  • Offer a secure and cost-effective means of communication – Many VoIP systems guarantee end-to-end encryption, giving you a sense of security for even the most sensitive calls. VoIP systems also use multiple communication channels, offering affordable options.

Use Skype for Business to enhance your communication

Skype for Business is an essential tool for companies with staff in multiple locations who need to meet or collaborate and maintain contact regularly. TLC Solutions provides expert implementation of the system. We can also help with onsite or remote training so your whole team can make the most of its valuable features.

Some advantages of Skype for Business, which enables meetings of up to 250 people with encrypted audio and video streams, include the ability to:

  • Join from any device: Your team can participate from their computer, desk phone or mobile phone.
  • Collaborate: Share files, share your screen and give or take control of the meeting.
  • Feel like you’re in the same room: Upload PowerPoint presentations or use the Whiteboard feature to brainstorm ideas and draft strategic plans.


Call us! We’re here to help

Deciding on the right system for your business can be daunting, so TLC Solutions is here to help. With our experience and expertise installing, maintaining and supporting our clients using a variety of systems we can help you find the best one for your needs. Our team can install your new system with minimal downtime and disruption to your business. We’re just a phone call away!