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Are you worried about data security across your network of mobile devices?

With the growing trend of working from home, and using your own devices, each new device adds to a potential gap in your company’s data security. Security goes beyond your laptop and includes business communications on all devices, including smartphones and tablets. Mobile Device Management (MDM) is an essential tool to help ensure the safety of your data, as well as enhancing accessibility and functionality for your fleet of mobile devices.

The goal of Mobile Device Management is to ensure consistent configuration, security and standardization across mobile devices within a business, while also protecting your corporate network. Mobile Device Management offers a way for businesses to maintain a level of control, with the ability to configure devices through a centralized device management server. This ensures data security and promotes ease of operation and manageability of smartphones and tablets.

Manage multiple devices from a single platform

Mobile Device Management software addresses the many challenges of integrating multiple device types running various business apps, by providing a single cloud-based management platform. This important step in securing mobile devices should not be missed.

Make sure your sensitive business data is secure in the event a device goes missing, with features to monitor, manage and authorize devices all from a single place. With Mobile Device Management, you have the ability to lock, track, and wipe mobile data anywhere, anytime.

MDM gives you the ability to manage all mobile devices in your network remotely. so as your company continues to grow you are able to quickly reset old devices to be given to new hires, preventing unwanted sharing of proprietary content.


Quick and efficient control

With Mobile Device Management you can quickly analyse devices for compatibility and add new users to your network.With a solution supporting Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) end users can still retain their personal space, ensuring corporate data security without compromising on user privacy.

Having all your business devices under one roof provides you with the efficiency to install both purchased and in-house apps, and predefine app permissions and settings to ensure they’re ready for use immediately after installation. You can also delete or update apps remotely without requiring any user intervention.

Benefits of Mobile Device Management

  • Easily access company-wide cloud-based software and updates
  • Single management console for admin accessibility to all enrolled devices
  • Standardize apps and integrations across multiple devices like iPhones, iPads, and Android devices like Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel
  • Seamless integration with all your existing infrastructure
  • Lower cost of devices for new staff,
  • Reduces mobile device lockouts
  • Lower support costs; Mobile Device Management reduces the amount of time that will be spent solving the above problems at a far lower cost than paying to fix these issues without it.

Whether you’re a new business with only a few staff members or a growing enterprise with offices around the country, our team of IT industry experts and partners at TLC Solutions provide your business with seamless integration and access, and enhanced security to your enterprise mobility program.