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Custom IT Solutions

Focus on what you do best without worrying about network downtime

Your business is growing, and so is your need for a resilient and reliable network infrastructure to ensure that you’re always at peak performance. If resources are too tight to support your IT network needs, you can opt for customized managed IT Services and enjoy the perfect balance of cost effectiveness and expertise, no matter the budget.

Managed IT Services include:

IT Service Benefits

TLC Solutions – Quality IT Managed Services Provider

At TLC Solutions, our dedicated team of experts provide the highest level of IT Services to businesses of all sizes across British Columbia, Alberta, and California. We use industry-leading technologies to provide you with a viable, affordable outsourcing option for all essential IT tasks, allowing you to run your business without distractions. 

At TLC, we’ve been setting the standard in our field for over twenty years. With our vast experience, we pride ourselves on the expertise and specialization we can provide with our team of IT professionals.

Why outsource your IT?

There are many great reasons to outsource your IT:
Reduced Overhead:

Having trusted, experienced IT staff on hand to help you with your business only when you need them gives you more control to reduce your overhead.


You have a team of experts at hand to help you, rather than just one person. This means that your problems are solved as they arise, and your level of service grows as your business grows.


At TLC, we’re accountable to you for our performance in providing the services you need.

Increased Efficiency:

Outsourcing your IT means that you can focus on doing what you do best: running your business. You can let the professionals take care of your complex IT problems.

Customized Plans:

You have the control over your IT Services plan to make sure it’s within your budget. You can pay by device, pay as you go, pay by the number of hours of support you need per month or pay by the level of monitoring and service you need. You have the flexibility you need to make it work for you.

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Customized IT Solutions for all Budgets


Why Partner with TLC Solutions?

When you outsource your IT Management to TLC Solutions, you’re doing more than ensuring rock solid performance for all of your IT Systems; you’re also making a solid investment that will deliver great, long-term rewards.

IT Consulting Services

Although advances in technology help to streamline business operations, improve workflow and maximize revenue, but having an in-house IT department can be costly especially if you do not require its services every day. If your operations seem restricted, your IT may not have been implemented properly. This is something that TLC Solutions can correct for you.

How can TLC Solutions assist?

We have expertise in all aspects of developing and implementing of newer, more efficient systems that will save money over older products. For example, we can install a Skype For Business phone system to replace an expensive, out of date PBX. TLC Solutions takes great pride in our ability to take on any IT challenge, big or small, and we treat every obstacle as an opportunity to surpass your expectations.

We encourage and train our team to create innovative solutions to problems that will not only meet, but also exceed your expectations and needs.

Our IT consultants can also save you plenty of time and money by implementing reliable new hardware or software. Our wealth of experience guarantees that we have the knowledge when it comes to installing the required technology, and we can give you an accurate estimate of how long any job will take.

Today’s Enterprise IT Challenges

IT is always under pressure to do more, faster and at lower costs. This requires new ways to rapidly deliver business applications and IT Services, while driving down overall TCO. The challenges faced include:

Cost & Complexity – buying deploying, managing and scaling data center infrastructure is expensive and time-consuming

IT Working in Silos – legacy infrastructure built with separate servers, storage and networking creates inflexible silos of specialized IT skills

No Time for Innovation – innovation suffers when IT spends a majority of time dealing with operation issues

IT needs next-generation data center infrastructure that delivers cloud-like flexibility, with the security and reliability of on-premise solutions, all for the right price.

As a Certified Microsoft Gold Partner, TLC Solutions has the expertise to implement a range of high efficiency programs including:

Microsoft Exchange

Skype for Business