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From an individual computer to a company-wide invasion, no one is immune to a cyber security attack. Cyber-criminals are constantly looking for new ways to gain access to sensitive information stored on your computer and it’s important you know how to protect yourself and your digital assets.

Criminals can gain access to your computer through email phishing scams or more advanced system-wide hacking, resulting in a security breach and the possible disclosure of private information. Protecting this information with a robust IT security service should be your top priority.


What is IT Security?


IT (Information Technology) security is like having your own personal bodyguard. Well maybe not in the literal sense, but a strong IT security infrastructure stands in the way of cyber criminals and your personal computer network.

IT security refers to a comprehensive infrastructure designed to detect, prohibit, and prevent any unauthorized use of your computer, including its confidential information and data. This also includes advanced threat detection and technologies to eliminate infected malicious programs keeping your information secure.


Types of IT security


  • Network security

Network security is useful in preventing a hacker from gaining access to data stored within a connected computer network. What this type of IT security does is prevent malicious or unauthorized users from getting inside your network and ensures that integrity, usability, and reliability are never compromised.

  • Internet cyber security

Internet cyber security refers to the protection of information that is sent and received in browsers including web-based applications. These protections are designed to monitor incoming internet traffic for both malware and unwanted traffic. The protection can be in the form of antimalware, antispyware, firewalls etc.


So why do you need IT Security?


Cyber security functions allow you to hide your personal IP address which is especially useful for laptop computers accessing unsecured Wi-Fi networks. IT security shields your computer and provides internet users with adequate protection against worms, malware, and viruses.

Did you know some of the pop-up adds you see could contain malware and hacking manipulation?

With IT security, only authorized users can access and make changes to sensitive information in your computer. No computer is one hundred percent safe without a security system in place, and having a strong security system is essential in keeping your business and information safe.



Big or small, no one is immune


Cyber attacks can happen on a single computer resulting in fraudulent activities like identity theft. Most often these attacks look for passwords and financial information which can result in fraudulence charges and the illegal use of your personal identity.

However, if this one point of failure is detected within a larger computer network, cyber-criminals can gain access to company wide networks leaving everyone in the network vulnerable to intrusion. Imagine the headache and personal damage caused by a single attack, now multiply that by the size of your professional computer network system.

IT Security is important for businesses no matter their size. Professional IT services offer packages tailored to any company size with Pay per device, level of monitoring and maintenance required, and IT Support by the hour you decide.


Leave it to the experts


Outsourcing IT security support to the professionals at TLC Solutions gives you peace of mind your data is protected, even while you sleep. Our cyber security experts have years of experience and are constantly upgrading their skills, techniques, and technology to keep you protected.

Best of all, once you know your data is safe, and your IT security is being handled by professionals you can stop worrying and instead focus on what you do best, running your business.


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