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Outsourcing IT support has been the best viable option for getting the IT help you need when you need it without paying for a full-time IT technician. This is especially the case for small to mid-size businesses with no need for full-time staff, and for those who have a need for a bit more IT maintenance, managed services has been the way to go.

The definition of outsourcing is hiring a third-party service provider to accomplish a certain task not in your company capabilities. With that in mind, it only makes sense to outsource complex IT Projects, including the project management role. Think of it as a Project Management as a Service, wherein you buy a service that increases the commoditization of IT and can answer both supply and demand.

It may feel that you don’t have control of the project, but that is why you hand over your IT project to a firm that is thoroughly transparent, aligns with your business case, values and overall culture, and matches the appropriate skills, certifications, and talent with what your project needs to guarantee a successful implementation. Look for an IT project management firm who can provide you with the right IT manager that matches all these, for that best cultural fit so you don’t feel a loss of control.

As mentioned above, outsourcing gives you the best in class talent and provides you with the right skills and expertise and aligns with your business goals. With them, you have access to industry brands and resources, giving you the flexibility you need in your project implementation, both function and cost-wise. This flexibility, is probably the greatest benefit of outsourcing IT project management.

More sensible cost-wise

Gartner has stated that runaway budget costs are behind 25 percent of project failures. This won’t be the case for outsourcing the IT Project Management role as you have the advantage of predictable monthly billing models and scalability. You are in control of how much service you want, without adding to your overhead costs.

Shortage on short term skills, improvement on in-house capabilities, or long-term project management solution, outsourcing will benefit your business big time. You will enjoy consistent high-quality project delivery success and get the best business and cultural fit.