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Professionally managed IT services can help streamline your growing business all while saving your company money in the long run. Managed IT services are a collection of IT-related services, like, network monitoring, cloud hosting, server management and data recovery, that can be outsourced to a third-party provider like TLC solutions.

With the ever-increasing demand for online business and the technical support needed for a growing enterprise, the demand for IT experts cannot be overlooked. Skipping the cost of hiring and training an in-house support team, and instead opting to outsource your IT, is recognized as the number one advantage of managed IT services.

Businesses across the world are quickly realizing the benefits and immediate cost and time saving potential of hiring a professional IT solutions company. And best of all with TLC solutions we offer customized packages for all price points, and work hard to make sure you’re getting a tailored service suited for your business needs.

Save on training and management costs

One of the biggest advantages to using a managed IT service provider like TLC solutions is the fact that we can offer your business access to a robust team of IT industry experts. Our team stays up to date with the latest technologies and each of our service technicians has their own specialities and expertise meaning the answer to your questions is always within reach.

Our team is well-versed in dealing with almost any type of IT queries, from simple everyday tech questions to complex data recovery, and network administration tasks. You could hire and train experts and set up an entire in-house IT department but this could become a costly and time-consuming process, and it’s unrealistic to think your in-house support team knows all the answers. Plus, what happens if a key team member moves into a new role? No business wants to be left without a reliable, available team in case of an emergency.

When you use a managed IT service provider, you’re able to call on top industry professionals and utilize their expertise whenever they’re required, all with a markedly lower cost than having an entire in-house team trained to perform all the tasks necessary for your IT infrastructure.

The cost saving of outsourcing your IT services can certainly make a big impact on day-to-day operations, both in terms of time optimization and staffing expenses.

Convenience, availability, and monitoring

One crucial advantage of outsourcing your organization’s IT requirements to a managed IT service provider is convenience.

Anyone who’s run a business knows that issues within the IT infrastructure can lead to significant costs that can hamper the development and progress of the business in the long run. Having on-call IT support instead of the traditional in-house IT department means you won’t have to bear any unexpected costs.

With managed IT you can count on our IT team to be available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week to answer your call, without having to pay for 24hr staffing. An expert is available around the clock, to handle your business-critical issues so you never have to worry about your business technology, even when you’re away from the office.

Managed IT service providers will also provide constant monitoring of your IT infrastructure. This proactive approach will enable it to function optimally at all times thereby considerably reducing the chances of any problems, such as productivity downtime, that could cause your business any kind of financial strain.

You can always count on the convenience of outsourced support while knowing the highest quality service is provided using current industry standards and technologies.

Managed Services for your business

TLC Solutions offers customized managed IT packages that can suit any business needs from small business to large enterprise networks. Choose from a pay-as-you-go subscription or let us help customize a comprehensive service package.

Our teams are all based in North America and we always have someone on call so we can respond quickly to any IT concerns or emergencies.

To learn more about managed IT Services and how they can work for your unique business, contact our team for a free consultation.