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The global market realizes the benefits of outsourcing IT services more and more each day. Most business owners and company executives have a strong understanding of the economic and logistical advantages of contracting a third party for a well-rounded package of IT services. This need for comprehensive IT support at affordable prices has led to the rise of Managed Service Provider (MSP) companies.

Outsourcing your IT operations to a third party may assist you in keeping up to date with the latest technology trends. With a comprehensive Managed Services Agreement (MSA), you won’t have to research and select new hardware and software solutions directly since the MSP will take charge of this task for your organization.

MSPs generally have a vast breadth of experience in technology and will assist in keeping your business IT infrastructure up to date. In addition, a good MSP team will ensure that you are equipped with optimal software solutions and that your systems meet ever-increasing cyber-security requirements.

Ways in Which Managed IT Services Keeps Your Business Up to Date

Working with an MSP allows you to spend quality time focussing on your business’s core competencies instead of technology-related distractions. In addition, a good MSP team will ensure that your systems are handled by trained and experienced personnel, effectively reducing costs of inviting experts and training internal staff.

It is generally more enjoyable to work with a single team of IT experts who are dedicated and committed to your organization’s success and can manage all your business’s technical needs, rather than having to outsource specialists on a per-project basis.

The following are ways in which MSPs can help to keep your business up to date:

Improving Security 

A good MSP team will review and update your systems to ensure that your environment is secure enough to deal with modern threats. This commitment to continuous improvement is essential for businesses that handle confidential or sensitive information. In addition, an excellent MSP team will ensure a healthy balance between security and usability to prevent hampering your employees’ performance by introducing unnecessary ineffective security measures.

Decreased Stress and Risks 

A good MSP team will provide you with a roadmap for reaching your companies’ technological goals, allowing you to control the costs and the order in which new solutions are implemented.

MSPs can provide you with a list of recommendations backed up by experience stemming from similar projects that have been successfully implemented for other clients in the recent past.

 Up to Date Hardware for Your Company

MSP can assist you with monitoring the current status of your hardware. A good MSP will ensure that your workstations, servers and networking equipment get the best warranty, stay within warranty and are obtained at the best prices available.

Larger MSPs are partnered with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and may access enterprise-level hardware at better prices.

 Reduced Operational Costs

MSP supports your business’s IT infrastructure as part of your service agreement. In addition to the increased level of competence, MSPs usually offer a more economical alternative to the in-house IT staff.

Good MSPs will assist you in dealing with 3rd party software manufacturers. Instead of vendors tying up your specialized staff members (accountants, engineers, mapping specialists), MSP will directly resolve software-specific issues with the appropriate vendor.

 Data Loss Prevention

Security-minded MSPs will find a solution to minimize the potential for a permanent loss of access to your sensitive and valuable data. Top-notch cyber security would not save your data from previously unseen threats or a natural disaster. However, a good MSP will be able to provide you with multiple inexpensive ways of keeping your data secured offsite and a disaster recovery plan.

Increased Systems Reliability

MSPs contracts usually have a standard rate associated with ongoing support. That means that one of the main ways for MSPs to increase profitability is to ensure that the amount of service calls from you or your employees is minimized.

A good MSP will be very motivated to improve the stability of your systems and eliminate any recurring issues, which in turn will improve user experience and reduce downtime costs for your business.

 Better Systems Scalability

A good MSP aims to create a long-lasting relationship with its clients. The nature of such relationships means that solutions implemented by MSP must allow for further growth and addition of features to your ecosystem.

Systems set up for eventual expansion will reduce the amount of implementation time for any future projects, effectively reducing costs and interruptions for your organization.


A good MSP will keep your system compliant with the requirements of the vendors. In addition, partnerships between MSPs and prominent vendors such as Microsoft ensure that you as a client are legally safe and your systems are ready for modern solutions.

At TLC Solutions, we strive to be the great MSP. Our team is highly focused on providing solutions that make business sense for our clients. Backed by the experience of managing an extensive portfolio, TLC gives its client a competitive edge in the modern tech integrated world.

If you would like to know more about the positive impact properly managed IT systems can have on your operations or if you would like to learn more about what MSP can do for you, feel free to reach out to our experts.