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Gone are the days where solutions are lacking. This digital age has given birth to innovators and developers with the single goal of providing solutions to everyday problems, ease of lifestyle, streamlining processes and improving efficiencies, both at home and at work. If there is a problem where a solution hasn’t been found yet, you can bet it is already brewing.

The same can be said about the challenges that most businesses always have – budget constraint that result in lack of resources, which in turn can hinder growth. IT challenges interfering with daily operations but no budget? Go for outsourced IT in a pay what you consume model. Continuous business growth (always a good thing) but network and infrastructure can’t seem to keep up? The managed services platform is there for your every need. Environmentally-conscious but in need of a flexible infrastructure that grows as your business grows? Go for a hosted virtual desktop or a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) whose aim is solely to fulfill these needs and more.

The implementation of a hosted virtual desktop provides businesses with the following benefits:

Consolidation of OS Images

VDIs can make use of the same image. This utilization of the OS as well as the applications that are installed can lead to the decrease of organizational and support cost. When new applications are instaled, the images will need ot be tested and addtional imaged may need to be created or revisions and adjustments to the current build will be made from one place – the server where consolidated images are hosted.

High-End Desktop Feel On Any Device

As VDIs are hosted in the data center, expensive high-end hardware such as desktops and laptops ar eno longer required. Invest once instead in a flexible server hardware and storage infrastructure and you open up more options for expensive desktop upgrades, for much less the usual costs.

This is optimal for companies ona Bring-Your-Own-Device program and with thin client desktops. You get the same high-end desktop experience when you run it as the high-end specifications are on the server and storage infrastructure and can be fired up on any connected device.

Single OS Means Reduced Costs

As you only run the single OS image inth data center, updated, upgrades and maintenance will only need ot be done once on the hosted virtual desktop and every user connected benefits from the updates made. All the costs related to maintenance and updates are reduced significantly as they need not be done on all computers.

Troubleshooting Problems is Faster, Easier, and Costs Less

No longer the technical support staff need to be on-site in order to troubleshoot a computer issue, thus reducing overhead costs, especially in a managed services environment. Support team can just remotely monitor and troubleshoot problems from wherever they are. And as OS image can be accessed through any connected workstation, hardware trouble can be easily fixed by logging into another one and accessing thei virtual desktop and pulling all applications they need and start working from there.

Security of Data is More Guaranteed

As data and the OS images are already in the data center, you can utilize the standard data center tools to manage their security and guarantee speedy recovery in the event of a disaster.

Virtual desktops are reliable and easily managed. They can create a mirrored or custom end-user computer experience on multiple connected workstations. Be mindful to have a flexible and expandable storage system server for the hosted virtual desktops as with constant use over time, user save and would need a lot of storage space. As companies grow, so does their user base increases, needing for server storage. It is good to look at options for flexible and quickly upgradeable states of VDI-style access for organizations seeing growth in the near future to ensure ease of infrastructure usability.



If you want to learn more information about desktop virtualization and implemeting VDIs, contact us today for a no-obligation consultation and an assessment of your network to help simplify your company’s IT needs.