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High Availability Solutions

Ensure downtime is a thing of the past. Bring in a high availability solution to your business.

At TLC Solutions, we know that continuous availability of network systems is crucial for any business. This is why we’re pleased to offer high availability solutions and dedicated servers for your business. This also provides cost-effective business continuity for applications running on virtual machines.

Benefits of high availability solutions
  • Minimized downtime from server and operating system failures
  • Extensive and enhanced protection across your it infrastructure
  • Continuous monitoring as preventive measures
  • Security built at every level of design to ensure access is exclusive to the business
  • Network and applications availability is 100% of the time
  • Regular updates and install patches for system security
  • Running at optimum speed at all time
Our team of infrastructure engineers and application programmers have decades of industry experience under their belt to provide your business with optimal high availability solutions.