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It’s not uncommon for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) to acquire outside help through outsourced IT with regards to their IT needs. After all, it is very cost-effective and they still get the assurance that they’re looked after with the same quality of service of an in-house IT team. Sure the most common IT problems may just be the printer getting jammed, WiFi not connecting, or a simple troubleshoot of computer issues, which can be easily resolved. But beyond that, there are still some other IT challenges that small to mid-size companies could be faced with, if not addressed beforehand.

Let’s look at some IT areas where your company might need help and which can easily be resolved through outsourced IT.

IT Security

Yes, security is an issue that some companies do not really give the amount of attention it requires. If you’ve found yourself saying, “My company isn’t that big. I should be fine” then you’re already a prime victim for cyber criminals. It is precisely because your business isn’t that big that cyber threats will attack you – they know you disregard security and do not have the resources to block their attacks.

Go ahead and surprise them with an impregnable firewall and security system should they try and hack into your business. This can be easily set up through your outsourced IT provider and what’s more, routine security assessments and maintenance are performed to ensure your system is in tiptop shape. You don’t have to be knowledgeable about IT security to be secured, just partner with an IT firm with experts on the subject and you’re good.

Hardware and Software Upgrades

With how fast technology is evolving, various software and hardware are quickly getting outdated as well. You may want to check on which of your IT infrastructure needs upgrading, or which technological advancement may be beneficial for your business. After all, upgrading can only mean improvement of your operations and ultimately, your revenue.

For example, if you’re still using the old school way of communicating, you may want to check out the benefits of unified communications. Multiple providers can be simplified by having just one solution for all your communication needs. But as always, go about this with a grain of salt. Your outsourced IT provider will be able to help assess the pros and cons of shifting to newer technologies as you explore these advancements. They’ll be able to tell you if it fits your business and give you other options.

Data Managing

Data is growing. There is no end in sight for it. According to analysts, it doubles every two years. You may soon find yourself dealing with too much data as your business grows, so be sure you’ve also got a solid data management system of securing, storing and backing up your business’ data. Talk with your outsourced IT provider (if you haven’t) about this as they can tailor a system that best satisfies your goals.

These three areas may not seem like they make a big difference, but they do. When you know that all your IT infrastructure and security needs are dealt with by the able hands of experts, you can focus on what you do best – provide quality service to your customers and grow your business.



If you want to make sure your all your IT needs are looked after by experts, give us a call and schedule your network assessment so we can tailor an IT strategy that’s best for your needs and goals.