Fiber Optics Solutions

Fiber optics are the best choice for businesses requiring long distance cabling and high bandwidths, as it’s reliable and can support future growth.

Fiber optic cables allow light to travel through them. It’s commonly used in communications industry, as digital information can be converted into light pulses that move along the length of the cables.

What are the benefits of fiber optic cable?

  • Greater bandwidth
  • Higher speeds and greater distance
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Easier and faster migration
  • Field termination and usage made easier
  • Costs less to maintain
  • Less networking hardware, so less downtime


At TLC Solutions our engineers are fully trained with years of experience, and can design and build your business a resilient fiber optics cabling system. We only use high quality, tried and tested fiber optic cables and we follow up with rigorous testing and certification to make sure optimal performance is delivered.

We also perform fiber optic repairs in the event of a total network outage or degradation in your network’s performance. We can test your installation and provide an in-depth report, and follow up quickly with repairs should there be a fault.

What our clients say about us…

With TLC Solutions’ help, we virtualized our Windows server environment, built in redundancy and failover systems to ensure the protection of company data and communication systems. We boosted network speeds through fiber-optics which now supports our on prem cloud, email, and telephony services.