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ERP Consulting

We can help you get the most out of your ERP Solution

The integration of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions can unify the applications you use, and is vital if your business is to increase efficiency.  ERP is business-management software, and is usually a suite of integrated applications that allow an organization to manage and automate back office functions related to technology, services, and human resources.

TLC Solutions provides a wide range of ERP Consulting Services to make sure that you’re getting the most from your ERP software, and that it completely meets your business needs.

ERP Consulting is for companies that need:
  • Maximum efficiencies from their ERP/business applications
  • Guidance or on their ERP strategy for future success
  • To upgrade or replace their ERP applications and IT infrastructure
  • To evaluate the best ERP system for the industry and the business requirements
  • A proven methodology for software selection
  • The best negotiated software and professional services contract
  • ERP implementation services and post live support
  • Project management expertise in managing any project
What are the benefits of an ERP Consultant?
  • Selecting the right ERP solution for your future growth & sustainability
  • Faster deployment of ERP plans, resulting in higher ROI and lower TCO
  • Build on best business practices for your industry
  • Have an in-house IT department without the significant overhead costs
  • Control of project scope and costs, and to secure its success
  • Easy access to ERP consultants and experts with years of ERP and IT experience
  • Controlled internal it costs with a fixed-fee project-based contract

What’s included with our ERP/IT Services?

ERP health check

We will review your existing ERP application to identify areas where improvement is needed to deliver an optimal system that complies with your industry best practices.

ERP project implementation

TLC Solutions can provide ERP consulting and project management and implementation experience to ensure your project team is ready for every phase of the system implementation.

ERP project recovery

In the event of your ERP Project Implementation failing, we can develop a project recovery roadmap that defines short- and long-term changes needed to get it back on track. This ensures improved business processes and their alignment with the ERP system, project management controls and governance. Increased system usage, enhanced system integration and testing, proper organizational change management and training, and maximized benefits realization and ROI are other notable benefits.

ERP software selection & requirement analysis

We can fast track your ERP software selection by recommending two of the best ERP solutions for your industry based on your business requirements, company objectives and vision of the future. We’ll develop your Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Information (RFI) to solicit prospective vendors for software selection, right through to License and Professional Services contract negotiations.

Technology assessment

We will review all of the hardware and business applications you use, and determine how useful they are as part of your future IT strategy.

Post live support and enhancements

We have the capability to support your applications post live with our team of experienced ERP consultants.

Virtual cio & project oversight

Your organization will have access to a Virtual CIO for any IT Strategy and implementation needs, as well as to help align your short- and long-term goals within your budget.

Constant monitoring

Our Post Live Support includes 24/7 monitoring to ensure ERP Software and business applications run smoothly and efficiently, providing your back-end processes with preventive maintenance.

ERP Consulting for Any Business

We have ERP Solutions and Services for all your Infrastructure and Communication needs. We will ensure your business is optimized and your operations are smooth.

Why Partner With TLC Solutions?

TLC has provided advisory services for over 300 companies in multiple industries, improving business processes, recommending upgrades or new IT Systems, resolving client business constraints, and helping organizations to be more efficient.

We have managed over 288 successful ERP implementations for multiple customers in Canada, US, and Internationally.

We also have over 25 years of combined experience in management accounting, project management, system implementations and IT System performance.

We are completely independent and objective. The advice we give is based purely on your individual needs.

We have knowledge on how to get the best from ERP technology to realize its benefits and improve your operations. We use best practices to enable a transformation in your business processes using ERP software.

Our focus in not on “one size fits all”. Instead, we take the time to understand your business requirements, objectives and vision before we recommend a tailor-made IT Solution for your organization.

We can handle managed services, hosting services, and other IT consulting,  making us your one-stop shop for any ERP and IT Service needs.