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A disaster could strike your business at any time, therefore, it is good to be aware of disaster recovery service provider. Some disasters can result in data loss which could adversely affect your business operations. Apart from natural disasters, malware attacks, cybercriminals, equipment failure, or human error can result in data loss.

No matter the disaster type, it can cause significant disruption such as supply chain disconnections, your staff may not be able to access their workstations, and key hardware or computer devices may be taken offline.

Disaster recovery service providers assist businesses, companies, or individuals in accessing their IT infrastructure during and after an unexpected event. These providers help with backup and data restoration services to reduce the amount of downtime due to business interruptions from a disaster.

The most effective disaster recovery services providers should have reputable services with a proven track record in recovery services.

Choosing the best disaster recovery service provider in Canada to work with can be an overwhelming task. There are a few factors to consider when selecting the ultimate recovery provider, and our team of experts at TLC Solutions would love to discuss why we’re the best choice to help you plan and prepare for business continuity.


  • Company reputation:

Data plays a key role in every organization and its security should be a top priority when it comes to disaster recovery services.

It’s recommended to look out for a service provider with a positive track record of quality services. You should never allow someone else to handle your vital information without adequate authentication. You can request the service provider to give you their customer references and recommendation or check their website for reviews and testimonials.


  • Disaster recovery plan:

Whether natural or artificial, unexpected events can occur anytime and affect your business data accessibility. This can make it hard to continue your business’s daily operations due to a lack of vital information and folders. Therefore, it is very important that your disaster recovery service provider has an effective plan and can assist you in preparing one.


  • Data backup:

It is very important to inquire from the service provider about the frequency of data backup. Various providers adopt varying strategies to back up data and some may choose to do it on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. It would be best to choose a provider who can customize your data backup according to your unique business needs.


  • Regulatory Compliance:

Many organizations have introduced data protection rules and guidelines to safeguard customer data. It’s good to choose a service provider who fully knows the laid down regulations and is fully compliant.


What is the most important aspect of disaster recovery?

Disasters such as floods, hurricanes, power outages, or even unintentional data deletion can wreak massive damage to an organization. No one can predict a disaster, but it’s crucial to have a disaster recovery plan in place to help you deal with the crisis once it happens.

Your disaster recovery partner’s most important task is to help reduce the impact of a disaster strike and hasten the resumption of your business as soon as possible.

No matter the size of your business, disaster recovery planning is very significant to safeguard your business data and assets during and after an unplanned event. A disaster recovery plan is a guide on how to go about the recovery process.

One of the most important aspects of disaster recovery is testing the plan. A disaster recovery plan can fail, leading to a huge loss of data and high recovery costs. It’s vital to ensure that your disaster recovery plan is tried and tested to guarantee its effectiveness when an actual disaster occurs.

You need to test your backup devices and sites; whether the backup software is updated, all the team players are conversant with their roles, including the emergency responders’ contacts.

This will ensure that your business gets back to its feet as soon as possible to continue serving your customers smoothly.

Disaster recovery planning can help streamline all your business IT processes, help in disposing of unessential hardware, and minimize human error. You can get in touch with us today and learn more about the disaster recovery process and how we can help your business recover vital assets and data to ensure your business continuity.


Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) is a cloud-based disaster recovery service provider model. It enables your business to back up data and applications to an offsite location for the fast recovery of business operations in the event of a disaster. TLC Solutions is proud to partner with Datto, a leading provider of DRaaS.

DRaaS offers advantages over traditional on-premises disaster solutions, such as the ability for companies to access data from anywhere, at any time. However, in order for disaster recovery in the cloud to be complete, DRaaS needs to be integrated with other components of your business continuity strategy.

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