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In a time of fast-paced technology and innovation, the use of modern tools has never been more important. In fact, it has become what every small and medium scale enterprise should adopt in other to effectively communicate and carry out business activities effectively.

While there are a lot of tools and software,  Skype for Business has emerged to help bridge the gap of communication between employers and their employees, business owners and their clients. Skype for Business is a major tool for smart communication. For SMEs, it is an adequate tool that should be used to increase efficiency, improve brand awareness and foster closer relationships with customers.

Unlike the normal plan, Skype for Business is a more robust package with complete functions that make it more efficient for businesses. Its usage has a significant impact on business as well as incredible benefits.

First, it helps businesses save time and cost. By utilizing Skype for Business, small business owners or employees can make long-distance international calls to their clients, suppliers or customers without incurring much expense, apart from the monthly Internet bill, which is much cheaper than using telephone service for making calls.

The Skype for Business with voice allows for users to integrate the telephone system of their organization with their Skype for Business deployment. Hence, making room for a unified communications solution. It also allows for users to use their Skype for Business client to initiate voice calls with other users both within and outside the organization.

The Skype for Business voice is a software-powered Voice over IP(VoIP) solution that allows for a rich integration with Outlook and Exchange. It also has other features such as Response Groups, Call Park, Team calling, Group Call Pickup, and enhanced Emergency E9-1-1 support. Coupled with these, it also has a “call via work” feature which allows you to integrate your Skype for Business solution with your existing PBX phone systems.

These features make it easy for communication between employees and staff of a powerful organization. Hence, businesses can hold conference calls/video calls amongst its staff, even if they are far apart. This has a tremendous effect in reducing the cost of traveling as an executive can easily communicate with his staff even in his room using the Skype for Business App. With the capacity holding of Skype for Business and the additional functionality of using it to control your mobile phone, a great leverage can be achieved with the Skype for Business App.

In addition to this, Skype for Business also makes it possible for business owners to stay in touch with their customers. This method is very easy, and since almost everyone who has an internet-enabled smartphone or PC can access the app at a very low cost, it makes it easy to maintain a good relationship with your customers and at the same time increasing the brand awareness for your firm.

Generally, Skype for Business has become a tool that is widely accepted by people worldwide. Recent statistics shows that over 300 million people use Skype daily. Therefore as a Small or Medium Scale Business, leveraging its features and functions will not only help you communicate better at a low-cost rate, it will also help you reduce expenditure and track your expenditure, as well as assist in creating a better customer relationship.