Cloud Hosted Services

TLC Solutions offers a variety of cloud services, from hosted Microsoft Exchange email, SharePoint and SKYPE FOR BUSINESS to hosted online backups for physical or virtual environments.

Office 365/Azure

Office 365 delivers everything you need to ensure business productivity. Based in the Cloud, you can access it whenever and wherever necessary. However, it’s complex and can be hard get the most from it. Let us help you set it up and increase the efficiency of your business processes.

Hybrid Cloud Services

Hybrid is a cloud-computing domain that uses a combination of on-premises, private and public cloud services, with a balanced arrangement between the two platforms.

Private Cloud

You can create your private cloud and expand your connectivity options with TLC Solutions, all within a secure environment.

DaaS (Desktop as a Service)

DaaS provides a convenient solution that brings you ease of administration, flexibility and cost savings. Based on Microsoft's Remote Desktop Services and running Windows Server platform, our own cloud service can host the back-end of your organization’s virtual desktops and can also be used for thin application delivery via Microsoft RemoteApp. As your cloud service provider, we have our own data centres to host your application delivery solutions.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

SaaS is a software delivery and distribution model that allows your staff to access applications from any device through a network, typically over a web browser. It is hosted by a vendor or service provider and available through subscription.

Microsoft Solutions

A certified Microsoft Partner, TLC Solutions can provide implementation, support and maintenance services for a host of Microsoft business solutions.

Hosted Phone Solutions

TLC’s hosted phone solutions are very reliable, and enable you to optimize your communications with voice, fax, call handling and mobile app capability. With this cloud-based phone system, your offices and teams can be connected across multiple devices, saving you money and time.

Cloud Backups & Business Continuity

Once a futuristic technology, cloud computing is now a commercially viable alternative for companies in search of a cost-effective storage and server solutions.
Cloud computing involves assessing your business needs and has four major advantages: scalability, simplicity, efficiency, and accountability.

TLC Solutions offers business continuity and peace of mind in the midst of a service interruption. We have a comprehensive range of cloud back up and disaster recovery solutions, all of which make it quick and easy to restore critical data should any IT infrastructure threat occur.


It offers consumption-based service costs, meaning that you only pay for what you use. You don’t need to secure additional hardware and software in anticipation of increased user loads. Cloud computing for business lets your organization increase or decrease capacity as needed, with great ease.


You don’t have to purchase hardware or software licenses. This means that you can get your business’ cloud computing arrangement off the ground in record time, for a fraction of the cost of an on-site solution.


When you outsource your storage and server needs to TLC Solutions, you shift the burden to a team of IT experts. This frees you to focus on business-critical tasks, and you can avoid additional costs in manpower and training.


Network outages can send an IT department scrambling for answers; when trusting us for your cloud computing needs, we offer 24/7 customer support and provide an immediate response to emergency situations.