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Cloud Backup & Business Continuity

Your business is secure with cloud backup and business continuity. The digital world has brought businesses up to speed with efficiency, but has also instilled in them the fear of losing essential data through simple hardware or server issues. Fortunately, your business wouldn’t have to deal with the frustrations of losing valuable work by switching to backing up your business data to the cloud. When the unthinkable happens, having an effective, immediate backup system in place can mean the difference between minor inconvenience, and all out business interruption.

TLC Solutions offers business continuity in the midst of disaster threatening interruption. We have a comprehensive range of cloud back up and disaster recovery solutions which provide easy, instantaneous restoration of critical data should any IT infrastructure threat occur.

Our enterprise-grade online platform is designed and priced competitively. Using TLC Solutions’ cloud backup and business continuity services, you can efficiently backup desktop or servers, including applications like SQL and Exchange.

Not only can TLC solutions backup both physical and virtual machines, we also offer rapid disaster recovery in hyper-v, vmware and xenserver environments, using our latest APIS.

TLC Solutions bundled backup services

TLC Solutions offers innovative online backup services bundled with the following features and their benefits:

Complete backup and instant restore

Backup of live systems, applications, configurations and their settings with instant bare-metal and virtual restore capabilities

Near continuous data protection

Minimize data loss and backup window with near continuous online backup services

Multiple virtual platform support

Supports all virtual platforms including microsoft hyper-v, oracle virtualbox, vmware vsphere and xen server

Application aware disaster recovery

In-depth integration with business-critical applications such as microsoft exchange, ms sql, sharepoint, and more