Client Testimonials

Ideon Packaging has had the privilege to work with TLC Solutions for a while now and it has been fantastic. Their responsiveness and expertise allows us to maintain maximum uptime and implement new technologies and systems successfully without having onsite IT. TLC's commitment to providing speedy support, cutting edge technology and on budget solutions makes them easy to recommend. Keep up the great work!
We have had TLC Solutions as our IT provider since 2007. We find them to be exceptional in their abilities to solve and resolve our IT concerns. TLC has taken our IT from a complicated and not so efficient system to one that functions easily and efficiently. We both have grown a lot in the last eight years and regardless of the size, they can always accommodate our smallest needs quickly and courteously. Seungbum and his team are very talented and can handle any situation facing them effectively. I highly recommend TLC solutions for your IT requirements.
As an IT Manager, it's difficult at times to manage day-to-day operations and keep up with the changes in technology. I've been active in IT for 20+ years and I'm impressed by their knowledge and expertise. With TLC's help, I'm able to talk to them about where my problems are and they'll come back to me with different options on how to resolve those issues. When it comes to new technology, they've been helpful in explaining how it works as well as differentiating between the multiple vendors that sell the same technology so I can find the right fit for our company.

Their recommendations have allowed us to operate smarter by reducing the amount of time we spend on configuring and updating workstations, programs, and setting up staff. When it comes to IT support, we've had excellent response times and they've made themselves available through so many channels including email, phone and instant messaging (LYNC). It's as if they were onsite 24/7. Before, where we had one systems administrator/engineer to rely upon, we now have an entire company of systems administrators and engineers at our disposal. Overall, our experience with TLC has been overwhelmingly positive, and I would highly recommend their services.
I first worked with TLC Solutions in 2001. They designed and implemented IT systems where other IT firms failed. Because of this and TLC's amazing customer service, I have brought the TLC team with me on every other job. TLC has never let me down. They've provided service beyond my expectations in terms of cost savings and speed, and they have helped me accomplish my goals. What I appreciated most about TLC is their ability to cut through the predictable politics of a project, keep everyone happy, and deliver the expected results and then some.
The Tahltan Nation Development Corporation has used the services of TLC for about 10 years and they have provided excellent service and have gone above and beyond on many occasions to provide needed services in IT troubling times. I strongly recommend any potential clients to utilize the services of TLC and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.
We have been using TLC for just over a year now and I am very pleased with their service. TLC services our existing computer systems, advises us on potential upgrades and even helps with cell phone issues. They resolve our issues quickly and courteously over the phone or in person. I especially appreciate the ability to talk directly to a person after hours. When a computer or phone issue arises it is very disconcerting to leave a message and just wonder what is going to happen. With TLC I get real time feedback on the problems and the path to a solution.
We have worked with TLC for several years. Since TLC has been our IT provider our IT environment has been efficient, stable and secure. TLC's staff are very knowledgeable and capable, and always friendly. We've made several system upgrades since TLC became our provider, but we were always given a clear cost/benefit on any acquisition, and we never felt pressured to make a decision - it was simply a matter of what was in the company's best interest. If IT is a concern to you or your business, I can highly recommend TLC.
We at West Coast Auto Group, have a large network with multiple locations that required some upgrading. TLC Solutions handled every detail of the upgrade with efficiency and accuracy. Their techs worked with our team and our schedule which resulted in minimal disruptions in our ability to run a business while facing a technological overhaul. Their fantastic customer service and account management allowed us to make a substantial difference in efficiency of our business. We will absolutely be using their services from here on in.
The Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia has a small but important office to support our members. We only have a handful of computers in our network it is absolutely imperative that they all function as well as possible to ensure the efficiency of our business. Our recent server replacement went perfectly. All the techs were wonderful, especially our Account Manager Charles. He is incredibly personable and did everything he could to make the server move as smooth as possible. His professionalism and skill has never let us down. Thanks so much!