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Office Phone Systems

Gone are the days of a simple handheld voice telephone being all that you need for your business communications. Office phone systems are now an integral component of business communication. Having a professionally managed phone system will enable your business to streamline communication within your own network, and will revolutionize your customer relationships.

But how do you know you’re choosing the right phone system for your business? What steps do you need to take to install and manage a phone system? TLC Solutions offers a range of phone systems and can help you decide which service is best for your business, no matter the size of your organization.

How can an office phone system help my business?

You will have everything at your fingertips in a user-friendly desktop or mobile application to stay connected, at home or on the go. Harness the power of advanced communication and collaboration features and connect with your customers like never before with enhanced CRM integrations.

Modern office phone systems are a cost-effective solution as they have simple cloud-based installations and offer endless flexibility to expand with your business. Streamline system management, make international calls between your company’s extensions at no extra fee, and consolidate your billing and service summaries.

Stay connected with your team

Your office phone system is as much about staying connected with your office team as it is for communication with customers. At TLC Solutions we offer secure software integrations which will help boost your team’s efficiencies and enable virtual team meetings anywhere any time.

Microsoft Teams is a platform that allows your team to chat and video call with the touch of a button. This creates the feeling of a connected team environment all on one platform even when your team is working remotely.

Microsoft Teams works on secure connections, so you can share meeting notes, set up a team calendar, and easily collaborate on documents and files which are important for your business with the confidence that your data is safe. Best of all Microsoft Teams works seamlessly with the RingCentral office phone system which allows you to keep all your CRM data in one place.


What is the best office phone system?

We recommend our clients use a cloud-based office phone system, which is why we’ve partnered with RingCentral, the world’s #1 business communication platform. This powerful phone system is easy to use, with customizable features making it our most flexible and economical choice.

TLC’s hosted phone solutions, such as RingCentral, will enable you to optimize your business communications with voice, fax, call handling and mobile app capability. This reliable and secure cloud-based phone system will connect your team across multiple devices, in multiple offices, saving you money and time.

This phone system offers a user-friendly online platform that can help revolutionize your customer relations, and help streamline your overall communications. RingCentral offers integrations with hundreds of software services, including Microsoft Teams, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate workflows and customizations, with real-time analytics and reporting tools built in.

Read more about choosing the best phone system here.

Communications Anywhere

  • Communication at your fingertips
  • Access your business communications on any device, anywhere, any time
  • High-quality service
  • Easy to use platform with 24/7 support
  • Customizable, with low monthly pricing

Secure and Reliable

  • Your business and personal data are protected with enterprise-grade security
  • Industry-leading 99.999% uptime SLA
  • Reliable service which maintains a connection during disasters and outages

Scalable and User-friendly

  • Easy to navigate, with fast set up
  • Add modular features at any time, through integrations with hundreds of software services
  • One centralized provider with cloud-based storage

How to install an office phone system

TLC Solutions can install and manage your phone systems, meaning that your business can be connected easily and quickly. Our team can connect your business using Microsoft Teams and RingCentral, where you can select from flexible plans, offering unlimited calls, team messaging, document sharing, video meetings and more—from any device, anywhere.

Wondering how a managed phone system like RingCentral cloud-based communications can help your business?

Contact us today to find out more.