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For some small to mid-size businesses, it may be too costly to have an in-house IT department. This is especially the case if the only support you’d need would be to get that jammed printer going, or the WiFi router reconfigured.  If these are the kinds of issues you normally get, then you won’t require the support of an IT consultant on a daily basis.

What you can do then is to outsource your IT support so you are able to only pay for what the support when you need it and as you need it. But to really get your money’s worth, when should you call an IT consultant to resolve an IT problem?

When you need to scope a new hardware or implement new software

There’s a lot of software and hardware in the market and it would be best to seek IT consulting to learn the best ones that would suit your requirements. Determining what’s best for the requirements of your business can be tricky if you don’t have sufficient knowledge to make the best decision.  Implementation of the chosen hardware or software is a completely different thing and must always be handled by the experts. Chances are high that they’ve done the same implementations before and would be able to do it for your organization at an efficient time and favorable costs.

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When you need a new solution, and don’t know which vendor to choose

You may only know of one product for the solution you need, but they would know two or more that may best suit your requirements. And chances are that you may only be aware of major vendors for the product you’ve chosen but IT firms can show you of other options that may cost less and perform just as well as the major brands. Better yet, and this isn’t something IT firms usually advertise, more often than not, they are partners with different product vendors and can procure what you need at a much faster time than if you did it yourself.

When the budget is better served by a consultant over new staff

Some companies do not have an ongoing or daily need that would require an in-house staff. Budget will be better served towards other initiatives rather than on overhead staff that won’t be utilized on the daily. This is true for cases like one-time implementation of software or process, where an expert is highly recommended to oversee the IT projects. Their involvement is done once the successful implementation is complete but this may be extended depending on the demand of the company for a support to be on-hand for maintenance or further enquiries. It is better to have this outsourced and hand an IT support only when needed than an on-premise one which only adds to the operational overhead costs of the company.



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