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Backup And Disaster Recovery

Essential online backup and disaster recovery for physical & virtual environments

Power surges, stolen hardware, accidental deletion, system crashes, and natural disasters: These all mean critical disruption to you business interruption, and can prove to be a costly inconvenience therefore, backup and disaster recovery is crucial.

When the unthinkable happens, having an effective, immediate backup and data recovery plan in place can mean the difference between it being a minor inconvenience, or a major disaster

TLC Solutions offers a comprehensive range of online backup and data recovery options. These provide easy, instant restoration of your critical data in the event of any catastrophe involving your IT infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery Plan

We also offer you the advantage of securely storing files, and restoring them on demand.

Our enterprise-grade online platform is designed and priced to be affordable for any business, no matter its size or budget, and by using our online backup and data recovery service, you can easily back up desktops or servers, including applications like SQL and Exchange.

At TLC Solutions, we don’t just offer the option to back up both physical and virtual machines; you can also recover your data rapidly in Hyper-V, VMware and XenServer environments, using our latest APIs.

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