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The decision to keep your IT department in-house or outsource may seem to be challenging to make for any business. There’s definitely a number of factors that are not to be taken into account lightly. But there’s also advantage to partnering with a team of IT experts outside your business.

Here are seven reasons it is good to outsource your business’ IT support:

1. Save big on costs

As advanced as technology is now, unexpected network disasters can still happen. And depending on the severity, it may cost thousands of dollars down the drain. This could easily be prevented with a solid network monitoring and maintenance in place.

Having one company taking care of all your IT means you get one flat rate for all your IT service needs. You’ll be able to budget for network support just like rent or insurance.

Most IT firms offering outsourcing are equipped with remote monitoring technology which eliminates trip fees. Another benefit? Faster response time to your problems.

Reducing overhead costs for small companies that do not need a full-house IT team but still needs support is another great plus.

2. Double the in-house IT expertise

Besides your company IT manager, you can rely on your outsourced IT for expertise and help especially when more than one crisis arises that needs immediate attention. More minds working to resolve an IT issue means faster time to finding an efficient solution.

3. More focus on running your business

When you know you can leave the monitoring and maintenance of your network systems in capable hands, you get a lot more done running your business and attending to the needs of your customers.

4. Increased productivity for your staff

Because you have a team of IT experts monitoring your network, the likelihood of your daily operations being hindered by IT issues will significantly decrease (and eventually disappear). Preventive measures would have been put in place or a problem threatening to arise will have been dealt with before it creates unnecessary downtime for your staff.

5. Optimize the latest technology

IT support firms have partnerships with industry-leading technology providers and are able to access the latest technology. Not only that, they have the most updated knowledge to different IT solutions and developments as they continue to train and employ people with appropriate accreditation.

These advanced solutions can help your business optimize the technology your company already has, giving you options, and introducing you to the latest developments that could help improve efficiency of your business.

6. More services and solutions at your fingertips

Companies providing IT support… give IT support. What does this mean? They don’t hold back on other services they could provide – disaster recovery and business continuity, communications, consulting, etc. All these are available at a reduced costs to companies they’re already managing IT support for.

7. Break away from the break/fix scenario

The times have changed where we can only react to IT problems, With network monitoring, there’s no excuse to be stuck in the old ways of fixing what is broken. You may think it would cost your business less that way, but look at the big picture and you’ll see how much damaging that is – both to your budget and your hardware. Fixing without putting in place a maintenance plan is not solving the problem, it is merely waiting to break again. And at that time, it may even be a pricier fix than the cost to maintain it according to standard.


If you want to take advantage of these benefits, contact us now so we can assess your network and develop a support plan specific to your needs.